Camden County Drug Court adopts life and mindfulness coaching workshop "Embracing the Leader Within" from Leadership Placement for drug court participants

May 23, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
May 23, 2014 - The ETLW Workshop Series was created by Donna Valente and Tara Timberman and facilitated by Mark DiFilippo. ETLW is an intensive life coaching and mindfulness-based stress management program designed for relapse prevention. It uses a cognitive behavioral approach with the aim of teaching people skills: how to cope with triggers and high-risk situations.

According to Donna Valente, Founder of Leadership Placement, ETLW helps participants achieve greater self-awareness and self-discipline, so they can access their inner leader and improve their ability to reach short and long-term personal and professional goals. This will be accomplished through the use of mindfulness-based stress management and relaxation techniques, positive affirmation training, and best practices in life and career coaching. We create a safe, supportive environment in which participants can learn to identify core values, set priorities, and design value-based life plans. In addition, attendees of the workshop will receive effective strategies for addressing anxiety, stress, depression, impulsive behaviors, negative thought patterns, and other threats to their success.

"This workshop series is designed to meet individuals, where they are in their lives, rather than defining for them where they should be," Valente said. "Therefore the curriculum is suitable for diverse audiences regardless of individual participant's socio-economic status, educational attainment, and other demographic indicators." "We are thrilled that Camden County Drug Court is offering the participants this type of powerful support. Our goal is make positive impact on these folks and we're proud of the work we are doing for them."

Leadership Placement's new contract follows the success of the ETLW program completed in October 2013 for the Camden County Drug Court. The Drug Court System works to prevent the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, as well as, related criminal activity through the close collaboration of criminal justice and drug treatment professionals. The five-year program is engineered by a team of court staff, attorneys, probation officers, substance abuse evaluators and treatment professionals working together to support and monitor the recovery of non-violent participants.

To meet the specific requirements of the drug court, the "Embracing the Leader Within" workshop offers a hybrid program that takes participants on a journey of self-reflection, so they can modify their behavior. "We have combined the most effective elements of life coaching and life skills development with those of mindfulness meditation training in order to create a comprehensive program for developing insight, improving frustration tolerance, developing and working towards goals, and addiction relapse prevention," Valente explained.

Valente is a graduate of The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a trained professional co-active leadership coach by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). In addition, she is a leadership and career development coach for high-potential performers who are striving to reach the next level. She has nearly two decades of sales leadership and management experience, including expertise in the educational technology/e-learning and higher education markets.
For more information about Valente and her leadership placement, career coaching and other services, please visit or call 610.449.5653.

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