“Language no barrier in Lingo24 translation competition”

December 27, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Innovative Internet language services provider Lingo24 is launching its first ever translation competition, with a top prize of two airline tickets to Portugal and 3 nights in one of the country’s renowned traditional Pousadas.

The challenge, issued to linguists from all four corners of the world, is to come up with a snappy slogan which encapsulates Lingo24’s unique brand of translation and localisation services. Entrants are also required to explain the international appeal of their chosen concept and to provide a translation of their slogan – either from their mother tongue into English or (for native speakers of English!) from English into a language of their choosing.

Lingo24 MD Christian Arno explains: “We’re continually trying to raise the profile of translation as a profession, since the skills required to produce high quality translation are often hugely underestimated by those outside our industry.” He adds: “The aim of this competition is to encourage everyone to think about how translation works. Hopefully it will allow translators and lapsed linguists alike to experience the challenge of finding an idiomatic foreign language version of what might appear, at first sight, to be the simplest of phrases.”

There are no barriers, linguistic or otherwise, to entry in Lingo24’s translation competition, which is open to anyone over 18, wherever they are in the world and whatever their mother tongue. Further details about this exciting competition are available from the Lingo24 competition website www.lingo24.com/competition.html where you can submit your entry online. The deadline date will be easy for all romantics to remember, as the competition closes on Valentine’s Day, 2006.

About Lingo24
One of the leading translation agencies in the UK, Lingo24 provides translation services to international companies and public sector bodies 24 hours a day. The company’s international network (it has operations in six countries around the world) allows it to deliver to industry-leading turnaround times at competitive rates.