Eyeflow Internet Marketing releases SEO Video Game

May 30, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
May 30, 2014 - Eyeflow Internet Marketing out of Pittsburgh, Pa has recently released SEO Hero, a SEO video game that demonstrates some of the best practice SEO techniques and strategies.

The game's primary focus lies within the practice of white hat SEO strategies. As a user guides the "White Hate Hero" through the game they collect Google likes and stars to advance through the levels while avoiding the dirty tactics of the mud monster and other black hat SEO based obstacles.

With Google's latest algorithm updates, white hat SEO practices are rewarded for their originality and unique content. With a user-focus on content, those using white hat SEO strategies are able to improve their overall search rankings and attract new traffic to their website.

Black hat SEO strategies are those techniques that are penalized by search engines. Focusing on deceit and ways to trick a search engine bot, black hat SEO techniques can produce quick results but at a heavy cost. Google's Penguin update allows for search bots to better pinpoint web pages using black hat SEO tactics and penalize these websites. Most sites using black hat SEO experience a significant drop in search ranking and sometimes are even banned from Google's search database, helping the websites using white hat SEO to boost in the search rankings.

If you think you have what it takes to conquer the obstacles of black hat SEO on your way to internet marketing success, visit http://www.eyeflow.com/seo-video-game-encourages-ethical-seo-strategies to play "SEO Hero" and learn more about the benefits of ethical SEO practices.

Eyeflow Internet Marketing is an internet marketing consulting firm located in Pittsburgh. Eyeflow is a long-time proponent of organic search engine optimization techniques and educates clients about the latest in SEO and inbound marketing as it progresses through SEO marketing campaigns. This team of SEO professionals is constantly evolving its service offerings to keep up with the changing online environment. For more information about how search engine optimization can help boost your brand's visibility contact Eyeflow and talk to one of our SEO experts today.

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