New Paintball Training Sub-Machine Gun for Navy Seals Teams

December 26, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Real Action Paintball (online is proud to announce the second generation RAP5 with Rapid Recharge System. The RAP5 Gen2 is full size, 1-to-1 replica of the HK MP5, the most commonly used sub-machine gun by U.S. Navy Seals Teams.
Images of RAP5 Gen2:

The RAP5 Gen2 has the newly designed Rapid Recharge System. As the primary air source for the RAP5 Gen2, the Rapid Recharge System has two parts. The main component is a built-in rechargeable CO2 storage tank inside the grip of the weapon, and the second component is air charger itself, which connects to an air tank. The beauty of this system is that it can be used with any standard-size CO2 cylinder and takes less than ten seconds to recharge. With each recharge, the RAP5 Gen2 gets between 30 and 40 shots. The Rapid Recharge System completely eliminates an external air power source and allows the RAP5 Gen2 to operate as a stand-alone system. This new design allows the RAP5 to take the 3-position retractable stock and makes the unit as light, compact, and versatile as possible.
Image of the Rapid Recharge System:

The Rapid Recharge System can also be used in conjunction the built in secondary air system for an additional 200 to 300 shots, depending on the size of the CO2 tank implemented. The secondary air source houses a refillable 45g or 60g cylinder inside the solid butt stock. With the secondary air system air cylinders hidden in the butt stock this way, the RAP5 Gen2 becomes an extremely effective training aid. Operators can choose the best air capacity for a particular training session to maximize their training effectiveness. Although both air systems are independent of one another, the RAP5 Gen2 can operate on either air source or both at the same time. Both air systems are built in and are standard features of the RAP5 Gen2.

Another remarkable feature of the Rapid Recharge System is that it is also adaptable for use with compressed air and disposable CO2 cylinders. This is a great solution for the many agencies with remote locations where refillable CO2 is simply inaccessible.

RAP5 Gen2 is currently available in the LE series, with a muzzle velocity topping out over 400-450fps (feet per second) and an effective range of 30 yards. The system functions similarly to all previous RAP5 models, operating with a 20-round detachable magazine and ejecting a shell casing after each shot.
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In the ever more realistic and ever higher performing world of realistic paintball games and tactical training, there is a new name to be reckoned with. The RAP5 Gen2 is sure to change the face of the game.

Key features of the RAP5 Gen2:
- dual air system, usable separately or in conjunction
- dual stock system, retractable and solid
- completely stand-alone
- no external air source
- option for high air capacity
- light and compact

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