Grand River Academy survey shows 20% of American Parents Consider Boarding Schools

May 31, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
May 31, 2014 - The Grand River Academy, a nationally recognized private all-boys boarding school in Ohio, has recently published there survey findings on the amount of American parents (aged 35 54) considering a boarding school education for their child. Both the weighted (to reflect US demographics) and unweighted results came back with similar results, showing that a little over 20 percent of parents consider boarding schools.

Within the findings, the Grand River Academy looked deeply at the different results as they varied by both age and gender. Overall, it seemed that the younger generation of parents with children approaching high school age (35 -44) seemed to favor boarding schools more so than their older counterparts. Off those 35 44 year old parents, the men were found to favor the benefits of a boarding school education by a little over 10 percent. Males aged 35 44 were also found to answer in favor of a private boarding school education nearly double the amount that their older counterparts aged 45 54.

Overall, it can be inferred that American parents are beginning to recognize the benefits that a boarding school education can offer their child. Private college prep schools offer the most highly qualified teachers with many holding advanced degrees in their respected fields. Coupled with an advanced and more academically challenging curriculum, 87 percent of private boarding school graduates said they felt "well prepared" for college compared to only 39 percent of their public school peers. Private boarding schools provide a 24-hour learning environment allowing students to grow on their own and learn important time management and self-reliance skills that are needed for success in a college environment.

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The Grand River Academy, offering a non-military, nonsectarian and an all-male college preparatory environment is a nationally recognized boarding school. Since 1962, Located in northeastern Ohio, the Grand River Academy has upheld a mission to develop and foster the academic maturity that is necessary for its students to achieve both current and future success. For information on what a private boarding school education can offer your child, please visit

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