High School Grads Ensure Gifts Don't Fall Flat By Using Gift Share Love's Free iPhone App

June 02, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
NATIONWIDE, June 2, 2014 - It's graduation time, which means family and friends will be out shopping for the perfect gift. While some will write a check, others relish the thought of giving a personalized gift. But even the most well-intentioned friends and family members can miss the mark. To avoid the letdown of receiving a gift that isn't suitable, many graduates are downloading the free iPhone app Gift Share Love.

Other gift registries focus on what people want, Gift Share love is about saving lists of things you love, thereby allowing friends and family to buy what they already know you love and will actually use. No more time wasted on returns or exchanges - eliminating the guesswork guarantees the perfect gift every time.

"Gift Share Love allows users to share the things they love and might like to receive as a graduation gift, in a less direct manner. Lists can easily be shared with friends and family members, both near and far, so they're able to select the perfect gift with confidence," said Marcela Smith, founder of Gift Share Love. "The profile section contains a place for a shipping address, and a list of food or fragrance allergies that are helpful to gift buyers."

"Faves Lists" can be items they already love and use, use and would enjoy more of, such as a favorite body lotion, art supplies, or yoga pants-items they'd love to receive any time of the year. Each item on a list includes an image, and a spot to write a note about the product, such as size, color or what they like about it. When a friend buys an item from a faves list, they can mark it as "purchased", thereby allowing other friends to see the status of products on the list in real-time.

Grads can scan the barcode to a product in a store, or clip the URL of a desired item from any website by using the Clip Widget on their computer's bookmarks bar.

"Privacy is important to me, as it is to many women," says Smith, "so you aren't searchable in any way. Only those you choose can see your lists when you invite them to be your Buddy on the app, or by sending them a link to a specific list.

Aside from ensuring graduates receive the gifts they desire, Gift Share Love is a time-saving tool. Since users can continually add items to their Faves List, the app can be used for upcoming holidays, birthdays, and as a simple reminder list for one's own re-ordering items.

Gift Share Love is a free iOS app. To learn more about Gift Share Love visit http://www.giftsharelove.com

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