PAR Program's Marketing Solution helps Bugsy's Box double their consumers and revenue

June 21, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Lincoln, Neb., June 21, 2014 - A company that sells products for dogs and dog lovers was attracting website visitors but was having difficulty retaining them. Thanks to PAR (People, Acquisition, Retention) Program's marketing solution, Bugsy's Box saw one-time visitors converted into lifelong customers and saw their revenue and customer base double.

"I think anyone running an online business and not using the PAR Program is leaving lots of money on the table and definitely hasn't unlocked the full potential of their business," Laurent Sabbah, CEO of Bugsy's Box, said. "People's attention span these days is extremely low and if you don't capture their information in order to make them come back to your website, they'll forget about you."

Bugsy's Box's mission is to deliver happiness to dogs and dog owners in North America. That happiness comes in the form of boxes sent out monthly to subscribers and full of high quality products at half the cost of retail products.

PAR customizes its program to fit any client's needs and goals. First, PAR assigned a dedicated account manager to Bugsy's Box who works as a personal contact.

"The whole PAR team has been helpful in providing advice based on their professional experience," Sabbah said. "They're almost always around. Emails are answered the same day, within the hour most of the time. They also go beyond their duties when I need something done that isn't exactly part of my contract with the PAR Program."

PAR also values trust and communication between the client and the client's customers, and works to improve that relationship using its state-of-the-art 6-email sequence. By setting up effective email copywriting in the acquisition and retention sequences, PAR helped convert Bugsy's Box's potential buyers into subscribers.

Before being introduced to PAR, Bugsy's Box was paying extremely high customer acquisition costs. PAR's marketing solution made gaining customers seem easy.

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