Polk State College is live with TranscriptsPlus®, eRoboMail® & PDF Transcripts

June 26, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
June 26, 2014 - NORTHFIELD, IL – Polk State College is live with the TranscriptsPlus® automated online transcript ordering service from Credentials Solutions. The service is available to students and alumni 24/7 and tailored to fit Polk State's unique policies and procedures including service options and pricing, as well as effectively represent the school's branding. Students and alumni have the option to send School-to-School and Third Party PDF transcripts through Credentials' TranscriptsNetwork™. Credentials also kicks off Polk State's F.A.S.T.E.R. process for sending EDI to institutions in Florida.

TranscriptsPlus offers a secure, compliant, and easy-to-use online transcript ordering solution, allowing Polk State College to free up staff and streamline the entire transcript process. This self-service environment for students reduces data input by staff and collects all fees. TranscriptsPlus also works in concert with processing software RoboRegistrar®, which locates records, authenticates students, checks for holds, communicates with students and facilitates a variety of fulfillment options.

Credentials Solutions handles all calls and emails on behalf of Polk State College with live Customer Service Representatives available 7am – 7:30pm CST. This has increased productivity by allowing staff members to focus on other student services.

"We love the simple, logical ordering system. Students have seemed to appreciate the ease of use, and it virtually eliminated all of the questions we were getting," said Kathy Bucklew, Registrar & Director of Student Enrollment Services at Polk State College. "Of course that could be the call center support, which we love as well. It is also easy to search for transcripts that have been sent from the administrative side because it is designed to make sense to our registrar world."

Polk State College has also added eRoboMail®, the print and mail service from Credentials Solutions that automates the printing, folding, inserting, sealing and stamping of paper transcripts. This service integrates security paper, tamper-proof envelopes, and copy and thermal protections, all while being handled dynamically at Credentials' facility. eRoboMail even accommodates attachments. As a result, paper transcripts are processed more efficiently and with fewer errors.

"When we decided to use the PDF services and send our paper transcripts through eRoboMail, our biggest concern was the security of our documents. Credentials' careful process for ensuring security of the FERPA protected information is very reassuring to us as an institution," added Bucklew. "We are so happy to serve students who have immediate needs for a secure PDF transcript, especially our athletes. We feel like RoboRegistrar has let us out of the cage so we can now increase our services to customers in other areas."

The Credentials Solutions service suite of online transcript ordering with TranscriptsPlus, data extraction and rendering with RoboRegistrar, PDF transcript delivery through TranscriptsNetwork and paper transcript delivery with eRoboMail has saved Polk State College money by greatly reducing overhead. Coupling those benefits with Credentials' unrivaled customer service, they have managed to cut expenses and not sacrifice the level of service students have come to expect.

About Credentials Solutions
With flagship product TranscriptsPlus® and integrated automation software RoboRegistrar®, Credentials Solutions supports all major SIS platforms while providing online ordering, automated hold checking, integrated student communications with 12½ x 5 customer service, and electronic extraction and delivery including EDI, XML and Secure PDFs. Transcript ExchangePlus™ enables client institutions to send transcripts electronically through Credentials' secure network as well as industry accepted transcript hubs, while integrating with the eRoboMail® service, which assumes the printing and mailing of paper transcripts. In addition, Credentials also offers ParkingPlus®, which automates parking permit ordering, payment, and fulfillment.

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