Study Indicates Chocolate May Be More Effective Than Fluoride

July 08, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
July 8, 2014 - For generations, trusted family dentists have recommended that patients brush their teeth with toothpaste fortified with fluoride. Fluoride is actually a naturally occurring element, though too much can be harmful. This is why fluoridated water and toothpaste are not recommended for infants and toddlers. Recent research performed by the American Dental Association reveals that toothpaste made from a naturally occurring cacao extract may be more effective for promoting dental health. Any Newbury Park dentist specializing in holistic dental care can provide further details on the difference between the two at an initial consultation.

The new toothpaste option contains Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate, created from coconut oil. This gentle cleanser has excellent cleansing and foaming properties it is environmentally-friendly and well-tolerated by sensitive skin types. Holistic dentists are advising patients to consider the switch to natural toothpaste.

When this study compared fluoride and sodium lauroyl glutamate side-by-side, they found that the sodium lauroyl glutamate mixtures were more effective. In some cases, they were shown to oxygenate and restore each user's gums. This is critical, healthy gums and nourishing them will help prevent tooth decay and promote better dental health.

Sodium lauroyl glutamate is safe for human consumption, unlike other chemicals that can sometimes be found in toothpastes. Adding natural toothpaste in combination with a diet that is lower in sugar helps patients keep their teeth healthy for longer without the need for painful dental procedures. Organic dentistry practices, such as using natural, toxin-free dental hygiene products, offer patients a safe and effective way to care for their teeth.

Newbury Park dentist specialists at Centers for Healing are on the cutting edge of holistic dentistry practices and are committed to finding safe, effective, and natural treatments for their patients.

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