Azert Announces Smart(er) SocketTM iBeacon® To Revolutionize Indoor Navigation And Proximity Analytics

July 08, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
July 8, 2014 - Azert LLC, today announced the release of a patent-pending smart wall socket that functions as an iBeacon for the medical, retail, and hospitality industries. iBeacon® is the Apple trademark for indoor positioning system that can notify nearby Apple devices of their presence.

Smart(er) Socket iBeacon enables anyone to create micro-tailored experiences based on a user's precise indoor location, where traditional GPS fails. Smart(er) Socket iBeacon can notify mobile devices when they come within a defined area of the socket. Businesses can use the Smart(er) Socket iBeacon to deliver a wide range of new innovative solutions, such as precision indoor navigation, proximity marketing, in-store customer analytics, automatic check-ins, and a host of other use cases.

Smart(er) Socket iBeacons also look and function like traditional wall sockets. They can be installed in virtually any building. The Smart(er) Socket iBeacons never require batteries and can be remotely configured or monitored from anywhere in the world, thanks to an embedded Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) system. The Smart(er) Socket iBeacon was designed from the ground up for use in enterprise environments, in home automation, and in retail applications.

"Smart(er) Sockets are going to open up a new paradigm by creating a global network of real-time, proximity-based information for contextualized experiences," said Emmanuel Azih, patent counsel at Azert. "We see a future of smarter homes where the temperature and ambience of a room is altered by your mere presence; of smarter businesses, where retailers know what product you're searching for by how long you spent in a particular department; and of smarter restaurants and events, where your orders or tickets come directly to you without dealing with long wait times."

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