Deer hunting is about to enter a new age and whitetail deer hunters have a new place to get more information on the internet in 2006.

December 29, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Deer hunters have long been seen as a “low tech” crowd but one company out of Georgia has a different opinion. out of Watkinsville, GA has started the launch of what it calls the largest gathering of deer hunters and deer hunting information in the nation.
The WS at the end of the name has been coined with the slogan “whitetail specialist” for the public to remember the website name.
The company founder Steven Vetter owns advertising and web automation companies and knows first hand that deer hunters are just the opposite. “We have learned that the typical “deer hunter” has access to the internet both at home and at work. They also are mostly web savvy and have incomes that exceed $50k per year. Many people think of deer hunters as a couple of ‘bubbas’ driving down the road in a ’75 pickup. Quite the opposite is true. I meet hundreds of deer hunters a year and I am continually amazed at the upper level they are bringing to the sport. Many are upper management, business owners and computer programmers. The amount of dollars spent on their deer hunting passion can be truly amazing. It is not unusual for a hunter to belong to a private club charging over $1000 a year. Many of them drove $30,000 plus pickups and SUV’s. The face of deer hunting is expanding and we like what we see.”
Vetter said that this project has been planned for several years, but has put it off due to time constraints. He said that while the website is up and running, there are still many links and pages that are not complete.
Looking at the deer hunting website it is easy to see why it will take some time. Deer hunters from all across the nation will be able to find deer hunting information from every state. Each state will have its own sub-page that will offer specific info for that state.
Vetter said that while they are selling advertising on the website, they will be keeping it to a minimum. “One of the reasons we wanted to publish this site is most of the websites on the net for deer hunters are simply a “selling page” with little to no real information for the deer hunter. Even the kid’s pages are loaded with “buy me” ads and very little “fun and info”. We allow no advertising on the kids’ pages. We also had them designed by my son to make sure they were fun and what kids wanted.”
Vetter said that the website will change continually over the next 2 years. Some unique ideas they are playing will be developed over time. One such idea is a deer hunt exchange center. Hunters can swap out hunts across the nation. A hunter that owns a farm in GA can swap a 2 day hunt with a hunter in Montana that also has a place to swap.
Deer hunters are expected to flock to the site in huge numbers. The company projects over a million hits on its website in a very short time.
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