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July 29, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
July 29, 2014 - Once upon a time, when people wanted to sell their houses they would put a sign on their front lawn that read: "House for Sale." Fancy signs included a seven-digit phone number. Everyone who drove by the sign could see the house was for sale. No one else knew, however, unless they heard the news from a "milkman."

Some sellers advertised their homes in ancient daily publications called "newspapers." Papers printed expensive Classified Ads using the earliest known form of text language: "3BR, FP, PW, LR, DR, 1.5B," for example.

Today, we have WordPress real estate websites that market homes to anyone in the world, at any time, on any day. Even if potential buyers don't drive by. Colorful, inviting videos and cropped photographs of a house, yard and neighborhood – with as much or as little text as you'd like – give you the power to tell your story… and sell homes. Quickly and conveniently.

Don't have a house for sale? Don't know how to whip up a website to market one? Here's good news. Earn enough to buy a home. Take the latest OSTraining online video course, "Build a WordPress Real Estate Site," and begin a new career helping homeowners pitch their property.

This understandable Build a WordPress Real Estate Site course comes with all the online help you'll need to create an almost infinite variety of Real Estate sites for yourself or for others.

Topics explained include:

  • Selecting a Theme
  • Easy Property Listings Plugin
  • Adding a Listing
  • Add a Photo Gallery
  • Update the Homepage
  • Using Widgets

  • A decent WordPress Real Estate site can fit more information than a roadside 14-foot by 48-foot billboard for almost nothing and it won't make your neighbors crazy.

    Until programmers develop a way to project a holographic walk-thru of homes for sale, WordPress Real Estate sites will be the best way to market and sell houses. OSTraining can provide all the skills you'll need to make it happen. And, when those holographic sites arrive, OSTraining will teach you how to make them too … online, on your own schedule and within your budget.

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    If you have questions, OSTraining's "fanatical support" will come to your rescue.

    More than 20,000 students have wisely invested in their futures by learning from OSTraining. Someday, you will compete with them for job openings.

    Get your career in gear! Sign up for the practical, career-changing lessons available right now from OSTraining.

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