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July 30, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 30, 2014 - Virtually gone are the days of ledgers, paper invoices and huge overflowing filing cabinets. Today's competitive businesses rely on digital technology and data management to stay competitive and ahead of the curve.

Modern customers are more mobile, more connected and far faster when it comes to making buying decisions. It's critical for a startup company or even a well-established one to be able to rely on a solid, proven and flexible enterprise-wide technology solution in order to keep up with their client's demands not to mention governmental regulations and taxation.

"Our initial goal when we first developed MoverworX," said Levi, "was to create a system that would grow with our customers, from a moving company just beginning to a huge nationwide moving handler. We built MoverworX to not only grow with them, but with us as well."

MoverworX is a recognized leader in the moving industry as a solid ERP, CRM and general management system. The software has been designed to meet and exceed the needs of today's moving companies and their clients. Additionally, the software was created in such a way that MoverworX could easily update existing modules and add new systems, data administration and technologies quickly and easily.

There is nothing that MoverworX cannot handle. From providing on-site to Cloud-based operational systems, full internet and mobile integration and accurate and up to the second data and information management. The application keeps moving companies connected and mobile.

MoverworX is perfect for a company just starting out. With a user-friendly management system, a moving business can incorporate its server-side software with the web and mobile for a seamless information sharing and price quoting capability. The system has built-in lead generation and emailing for quick and effective marketing. On the logistics side, MoverworX can handle everything from real-time quoting right at the customer's location to complete vehicle and dispatching to state-by-state tariff processing and billing.

"As they grow, MoverworX scales with them," continued Levi, "right up to creating multiple locations with a single management system and even franchising."

There truly is no better choice than MoverworX for a starting, growing or thriving moving business. The software is powerful, it adapts easily to changes in hardware, business size and new technologies and it has one of the most important features that every successful and valuable product should. It's backed by an expert design team and customer service staff who take a personal interest in their clients and their clients' success.

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About MoverworX Software
MoverworX is an advanced high-tech development firm that provides a fully-integrated software solution for moving companies both domestic and international, moving companies and storage companies. This innovative software system incorporates sales, marketing, operations and management capabilities that gives the company total control over its logistics by providing integrated modules and real-time data. MoverworX software's goal is to be a total solution for the companies it serves. These moving, storage businesses have a great deal of logistics that must be managed precisely and it is with this in mind that MoverworX has developed its unique software solution.

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