Looty Pool The first Android App That Helps Turn 1 Mega Million Lottery Ticket into 1,000 Mega Million Lottery Tickets

August 05, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
New York, NY - Aug 5, 2014 - It is said that 40% of Mega Million and Powerball winners are part of a Office Lottery Pool. Looty Pool - an new Android app that let's everyone win the lottery together - created a new way to bring an office pool online. With the Looty Pool App, everyone shares a thousand lottery tickets instead of only one lottery ticket, which increase everyone chances of winning the lottery.

Wikihow article (How to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Lottery) quoted; "One of the Best Chances to win the Lottery is to Join a Lottery Pool." "Well if I am going to Win the Mega Millions or the Powerball, I might as well Join a Lottery Pool, Better Yet, Create the First Online Office Pool, Lottery App" said Founder of Looty Pool, Joseph Salmond;

Welcome to Looty Pool - The first Android App for everyone to help win the Lottery Together! Looty Pool is the first Android App, to bring what we all know and love, the office pool, online, and straight to your phone with a click of a button.

You ever wanted to win the Mega Millions, or maybe the Powerball. Well Looty Pool the new Android App, can Help, in a major way. Looty Pool helps turn 1 Mega Million or Powerball Ticket into 1,000 Lottery Tickets.

How Looty Pool Works: - Looty Pool is a online office pool with a maximum of 1,000 people, in each Mega Million or Powerball pool. Each pool member is only able to purchase 1 Lottery Ticket for Mega Million and for Powerball. Pool Members share each other Lottery Tickets.

Looty Pool Color Scans each Mega Million and Powerball Lottery Ticket, and then Emails a PDF Copy to each Pool Member of all Mega Million and for Powerball.

Why have 1 Mega Million Ticket, if you can have 1,000 Mega Million Tickets? Or Why have 1 Powerball Ticket if you can have 1,000 Powerball Tickets? One Blogger Said "Why Didn't I think of this, Looty Pool is going to be Massive" "Why would you want to go to the store to buy 1 or maybe 5 Mega Million or Powerball tickets, if you can have 1,000 Lottery Tickets with a Click of a Button.

Founder Joseph Salmond said "This is going to Change the way people buy Lottery Tickets"

To join Looty Pool Download the Free Android App on the Google Play Store, If you do not have a Android Phone, You can join the fun by going to Looty Pool Website, www.lootypool.com
Looty Pool is available for Android Phones only right now, we are in the works on an IPhone Version, should be out shortly, said Joseph Salmond.

About Looty Pool:
Looty Pool was created by a Cisco Security Engineer Joseph Salmond. Looty Pool makes winning the lottery much more fun, At the same time very convenient for everyone to purchase a lottery ticket and join a pool, straight from their phone. Looty Pool created a way for the standard office pool we all know and love, to be born online. Lets win the Lottery Together.

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