Mexicali Bariatric Center Welcomes New Team of Surgeons

August 06, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
August 6, 2014 - Over the past decade thousands of American and Canadian patients with weight problems came to Mexicali Bariatric Center seeking treatment with Dr. Alberto Aceves in order to undergo weight loss surgery. Our mentor Dr. Alberto Aceves was one of the world's leading authorities on bariatric surgery.

Sadly Dr. Aceves passed away recently in an accident, but his legacy remains in the hands of the team of doctors at MBC, which has become one of the most experienced teams in bariatric surgery in Mexico.

Dr. Edgar Campos, an expert in the area of Bariatric Nutrition and one of the current leaders in the Obalon Procedure, one of the latest techniques in weight loss treatments, is still one of our leading physicians.

Likewise Dr. David Beltran continues to be in integral procedures with our team. He was assistant surgeon to Dr. Aceves, who during four years performed thousands of procedures side by side with him.

Recently the team at Mexicali Bariatric Center welcomed Dr. Gilberto Ungson and Dr. Rodolfo Wilhelmy. Dr. Ungson is the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico when it comes to the duodenal switch procedure, with 17 years of experience. He worked on countless occasions with Dr. Aceves using his innovative and recognized technique. Dr. Ungson is capable of performing not only primary surgeries like duodenal switch, gastric sleeves and gastric bypasses, but also more complicated procedures like revision surgeries, which give weight loss surgery patients a 2nd chance at a healthier life.

For his part, Dr. Wilhelmy, Dr. Aceves' mentor in his beginnings with the laparoscopic technique, besides being a distinguished surgeon is also recognized for his impeccable work ethics and his vast experience of over 18 years.

At Mexicali Bariatric Center we are proud to have the support of this skilled team of doctors.

Despite the absence of Dr. Aceves, his team and his system continue to operate as usual. Mexicali Bariatric Center still has the best facilities in the city and the Almater Hospital is considered the best hospital in the state capital. Mexicali itself remains a city that, unlike other cities in Mexico's northern border, is known for its safe, relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. In addition, patients are guaranteed transportation at the airport in San Diego, where we provide ground transportation into Mexico and back.

Almater Hospital, which is only one block south of the border, offers specialized weight loss procedures, including the duodenal switch surgery, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, multiple revision surgeries, and lap band surgery. We are the main health center in the country to perform surgical procedures for medical tourists.

Mexicali Bariatric Center remains faithful to the professional ethics that for many years distinguished Dr. Aceves, helping thousands of patients improve their health and regain their quality of life. Those who were treated at Hospital Almater in Mexicali can attest to the compassion and quality of Dr. Aceves and his team, as well as the professionalism and work ethic of all staff at the hospital.

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