Helprace Leads the Way to Customer Excellence With an Interactive Knowledge Base

August 06, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
August 6, 2014 - Helprace, an emerging online customer service software provider, has revamped its online customer community to include a knowledge base fully integrated into its overall customer service solution. A knowledge base enables businesses to bridge the gap between their company literature and the customer, while simultaneously organizing company information for easy access by all parties.

"In the last few years we've seen an explosion of companies who built customer service models around the self-service portal and that changed how other organizations view their own customers", says Gregory Koldirkaev, the CEO of Helprace. "We started thinking about what differentiates a customer-centric company from its competitors. The answer lies in how organizations engage their users. It's allowing profile creation, easy content discovery, and guiding feedback to encourage sharing praise, ideas or problem reporting".

We've asked Helprace's founder and CEO, Gregory Koldirkaev, why Helprace moved into the direction of perfecting the knowledge base software component of their customer service solution.

"It was a logical step forward, especially since today's organizations require all possible type of feedback with regards to their documentation in order to move in the right direction. A customer community is a platform to get customer talking, but a knowledge base creates a platform for dialogue, providing organizations with valuable insight to drive your company philosophy forward."

"Online customer service trends show us that customers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy" continues Koldirkaev, "yet there is still a disconnect as managers are on the lookout for the next tool to open the window to user engagement." A Helprace knowledge base revolutionizes organizational approach to support, since together with a community, businesses can drastically cut down on the number of incoming tickets, increase their online marketing potential and speed up new product roll-outs.

A Helprace knowledge base comes with a host of features, including: Multiple categories; publishing queues; rich text content; searchable database with input matching and multiple voting weights. By integrating the knowledge base into the community, everything becomes accessible through the admin panel: from company collaboration and publishing functions, all the way down to user activity.

"The Helprace knowledge base was coined as a result of the potential value of centralizing company knowledge in a dynamic setting that is built on customer empowerment", mentions Gregory Koldirkaev. "We're very excited to finally offer a customer-centric platform that can energize communities and fuel companies' growth while at the same time placing the service team in the driver's seat."

About Helprace
Helprace, a customer support software suite was founded in 2011 to modernize customer-company interaction. Helprace has always believed that offering memorable customer support should be as easy as checking email and understanding customers even easier. The Helprace platform has been in development without any outside help or investment. As a result, it's grown to be very user-friendly: there's no lengthy setup guides, installation manuals or IT settings to take care of. Learn more at

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