New ARP-4754A Training Workshop Offered by Afuzion Inc

August 12, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 12, 2014 - ARP-4754A Training classes offered by Afuzion Inc are available in 2-day or 3-day formats, at any location in the world. ARP-4754A is the ubiquitous "Guideline" (Standard) applicable to virtually all avionics systems today. Taken alone, ARP-4754A seems to describe basic systems engineering processes for developing consistently reliable avionics. However, ARP-4754A's oblique descriptions and lack of context contribute to significant misunderstandings of its true intent and application.

In particular, users need to understand the following about ARP-4754A: a) What is ARP-4754A's relationship to ARP-4761, the System Safety guideline? b) What is its relationship to DO-178C, DO-254, DO-297, DO-160, TSO's, PMA's, and TC's? c) How is ARP-4754A applied to military systems versus commercial avionics? d) If it presumes "Guilty until proven innocent", how do you prove innocence and compliance? e) What are the top ten common ARP-4754A mistakes, and how can they be avoided? f) How to re-use (leverage) existing systems engineering processes and artifacts? g) Since compliance can be expensive if done inefficiently, how can ARP-4754A costs be minimized? h) How can System, Software, and Hardware development and verification be best integrated? i) What are the true thresholds and criteria for ARP-4754A acceptance? j) What are the Best Practices for ARP-4754A? k) How can ARP-4754A audits be passed the first time? l) If you are building modern avionics, it is imperative to understand and deploy efficiently focused ARP-4754A concepts. Welcome to Afuzion's ARP-4754A Training Workshop.

ATTENDEE PREREQUISITES: the following prerequisites should be noted: 1) Basic knowledge of avionics systems; no hardware/software expertise required. 2) Meant for Engineers, Managers, Quality Assurance, Technical Support staff. 3) Basic understanding of oral and written English
The avionics development ecosystem overall ARP-4754A context
Relationship and overview of ARP-4754A to:
o ARP-47561 (Safety) -overview
o DO-178C (Software) - overview
o DO-254 (Hardware) - overview
o DO-160 (Environmental Testing) - overview
o DO-297 (Integrated Modular Avionics systems) - overview
o PMA's, TC's, TSO's, and STC's - overview
ARP-4754A Systems Development Overview
FHA's, PSSA's, SSA's, FMEA's, & CCA's
Systems Requirements, derived requirements, and requirements Validation
System Design and Architecture
Verification (Reviews, Tests, Analysis)
Design Assurance Levels (DALs) & Criticality
Systems Configuration Management
Systems Quality Assurance
Fastest and most cost-effective ARP-4754A certification
FAA Strategy: detailed ARP-4754A classes on true FAA intent
Minimizing ARP-4754A certification costs
System Modifications, and Maximizing ARP-4754A re-use on future avionics projects
ARP-4754A Project Management: overseeing the full life-cycle
ARP-4754A for military applications

For specific information, contact Vance Hilderman at, or visit and request a free ARP-4754A Technical Whitepaper.

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