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August 12, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
August 12, 2014 - This summer west coast database makers Peacock Data have released extensive upgrades to three flagship products, including pdZIP, pdGeoTIGER, and pdCensus2010. These follow earlier updates to pdNickname and pdGender. They are all available in Pro and Standard editions and are ready for download from the company's website along with special offers.

Released last week, pdZIP 2.0 received a major overhaul and includes new 5-digit ZIP Code and ZIP+4 files, along with an alternate places list and some new twists on the concept of ZIP Code databases. It offers core United States Postal Service (USPS) information, time zones, area codes, GeoCoding data, and a host of useful demographic variables.

For or a limited time, the new ZIP Code products are half off their list prices. Pro, list $295.00, now $147.50. Standard, list $99.00, now $49.50.

Both the Pro and Standard editions include 41,000 5-digit ZIP Code records along with the alternate places reference file. The Pro version adds 46 million ZIP+4 records. The Standard edition has everything except the ZIP+4 information. They cover the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, military posts, and island areas.

Released last month, pdGeoTIGER 2.0 (Pro, $495; Standard, $299) permits exceptionally precise assignment of United States latitude and longitude coordinates, area size data, urban and rural indicators, legal and statistical area identifiers and indicators, and other GeoCoding information. Matching is based on ZIP+4 or, with the Pro edition, alternatively on address range. The base information is from the most recent edition of the U.S. Census Bureau TIGER/Line® Shapefiles.

Also released in July, pdCensus2010 (Pro, $295; Standard, $179) is drawn from U.S. Census 2010 Summary File 1 data, including updates, and is tabulated at multiple summary levels and geographic components. It offers a comprehensive United States demographics database encompassing the subject areas of population, households and population in group quarters, and housing units. The Pro edition tabulates to the Census Block and the Standard version to the Census Block Group.

As a special offer, through August 31, 2014, you get pdCensus2010 Pro free with purchase of pdGeoTIGER 2.0 Pro.

Earlier, Peacock Data released pdNickname 2.0 (Pro, $495; Standard, $299), an advanced name and nickname system used by businesses and organizations to merge database records, and pdGender 2.0 (Pro, $395; Standard, $229), a gender coding file built on the same set of names. Both cover more than 200 languages and the Pro editions include fuzzy logic which allows matching when lists have typographical errors or stylized spellings.

A special bundle is available which includes pdNickname 2.0 Pro, pdGender 2.0 Pro, a pdNickname Fuzzy Logic Add-on Bundle, and a pdGender Fuzzy Logic Add-on Bundle. It is $750, over $600 off the combined list prices.

The final release the company has scheduled for this summer is pdCountry 2.0 (list price TBA), which will be available in the coming weeks. It will deliver international demographics and other vital information about the countries of the world.

About Peacock Data

Peacock Data are the makers of database products used by business, organizations, churches, schools, researchers, and government.

Their offerings include: pdNickname (Pro, $495; Standard, $299), a highly-regarded name and nickname product; pdGender (Pro, $395; Standard, $229), a gender coding database; pdGeoTIGER (Pro, $495; Standard, $299) a precision ZIP+4 and address range GeoCoding package; pdCensus2010 (Pro, $295; Standard, $179), with demographics drawn from 2010 American census tabulations; pdCensus2000 ($195), with demographics drawn from 2000 American census tabulations and estimates, pdACS2013 (Pro, $295; Standard, $179), with demographics drawn from American Community Survey (ACS) estimates; pdZIP (introductory pricing: Pro, $147.50; Standard, $49.50), an advanced 5-digit ZIP Code and ZIP+4 package; and pdCountry ($29), an international country database. Most products are available in Pro and Standard editions.

Peacock Data is a California-based company in business since 2003.

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