Max Alavi, Attorney at Law, to present Estate Planning Workshops for the Firefighters of Long Beach, CA.

August 14, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 14, 2014 - Newport Beach, California, August 1, 2014 Max Alavi, Attorney at Law and Partner at Alavi & Broyles, has been invited to present estate planning workshops for the firefighters of Long Beach, CA. After having presented similar workshops to Los Angeles County fire fighter and Orange County fire fighters, these valuable workshops have been extended to Long Beach.

During these workshops the basics of geed estate planning are discussed, including probate avoidance, testamentary guardianship and creation of durable powers. The lack of information often keeps families from proceeding with their estate planning. By simplifying the process and speaking in terms that everyone understands, Mr. Alavi has been able to help many fire fighter families take this very important step towards protecting their families from the cost and stress of being unprepared.

Mr. Alavi commented about this new initiative: "my greatest success as a lawyer is when I can help protect the families of those who protect us. If by being proactive, we can save one more fire fighter family from being unprepared for the most difficult circumstances, I feel that we have really achieved something great."

Mr. Alavi, attorney at law and partner at Alavi & Broyles, LLP located at 500 Newport Center Drive, Ste 580 Newport Beach, CA 92660. He has been practicing law for over 22 years. He focuses his practice on assisting clients establish effective and secure vehicles for passing their assets to their loved ones, including living trusts, wills and durable powers. His practice also includes assisting trustees manage and settle trust assets and navigating probate related issues.

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