"Joomla! 3 Explained" by Steve Burge Has Been Delivered

August 14, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 14, 2014 - Writing a book is a pain, fraught with frustration, time consuming, tedious, expensive, worrisome and under appreciated. Steve Burge of OSTraining.com is a sucker for punishment.

Joomla! 3 Explained is the latest book delivered from the prolific Mr. Burge. This volume will grow on those who need to have well, Joomla! 3 explained.

In what appears to be a coincidence, Steve is releasing his vital resource in time to celebrate Joomla! 3 Day on Friday, August 15th. Well played, Steve. Well played.

Joomla! 3 Day will be like an online Joomla Day. Join Steve for a series of presentations, and a time for people to hang out, learn and ask questions of the expert presenters that all focus on Joomla! 3.

OSTraining.com Celebrates Joomla Day for Two Days!

Dates: Thursday, August 14th and Friday, August 15th
Cost: Nothing. All webinars are 100% free to attend.
Topics: We have expert speakers from around the world, covering Joomla! 3 from all angles.
Format: Just like any normal Joomla! event, we'll have presentations of 30 to 40 minutes, followed by questions.

These presentations are already lined up:

  • Fotis Evangelou: The new version of K2
  • Tessa Mero: Joomla in Education
  • Victor Drover: Joomla 3 SEO and marketing and services
  • Bill Tomzack: Comparing the code needed for Joomla 2 and 3 extensions
  • Nick Savov: The Install from web feature in Joomla 3
  • Max Lynam and Philip Locke: Joostrap and Bootstrap 3 for Joomla 3 templates
  • Parth Lawate: Joomla 3 for Site Builders

  • The organizers of Joomla! 3 Day are OSTraining, Steve Burge (author of Joomla 3 Explained), and CloudAccess.net.

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