Consumers Check-in with MagicPay and Facebook Wi-Fi Helping Increase Brand Recognition

August 14, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 14, 2014 - Internet access has long since passed the point of a novelty it's now virtually a necessity. Any business that wishes to score a few points of goodwill with its customers will want to provide free internet access at their retail locations.

Access to the internet is not only more desirable for customers in general, it can often be the deciding factor on which business to frequent. This is especially true for those among us who telecommute and need a direct wireless connection to their job or business.

"It's so easy now," commented Rami Levi of MagicPay, "for any business to offer people free Wi-Fi. Because of smart phones and tablets, it's no longer odd to think about tapping into the web at a hair salon or a tire shop."

Internet surfing, research, shopping and social interaction is as much the purview of the smart device as it is the PC or laptop. While most people won't lug a laptop to their local doctor's office or café, they certainly would like to hook into Wi-Fi through their phone in order to download videos, pictures and so forth.

It was with this in mind that South-Florida based merchant services provider MagicPay developed and launched their new MagicPay Wi-Fi service for merchants. With this new, affordable and easy to use service, any MagicPay client can now offer free Wi-Fi to anyone who patronizes their business.

"We didn't just give them a Wi-Fi hub," continued Levi, "Anyone can do that. We gave them an opportunity to explode their social interactions and grow their business too. The reason is that we've built a little catch into our Wi-Fi the user has to check in through Facebook first."

The procedure is simple. A customer logs into the businesses' Wi-Fi network with their computer or smart device and is immediately taken to the company's Facebook page. They then have to check in, and that's it!

The user can then like the business, check out the merchant's posts, friends, etc. or click continue browsing to go anywhere on the web they wish.

The benefit to the merchant is two-fold. First, they provide a convenience to their customers and solidify a little good will. Second, they push social interactions because the user / customer's check in shows up all over the social world. They can easily share their experience at the business, take advantage of special offers and more. In reality, the marketing possibilities are endless for the merchant.

It is this kind of forward thinking that has made MagicPay a leader in the merchant services industry. Not only do they provide top-notch credit card processing and payment gateway services online and for mobile, but the company truly has a focus on the success of its customers.

With innovations like the new MagicPay Wi-Fi, merchants are being given more and more powerful tools and opportunities to both serve their customers better as well as grow more successful all the while backed by a caring and progressive merchant services provider.

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