Trade Show Emporium Sponsors 5th Annual Automobili Exotica in Aspen, Snowmass

August 15, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
August 15, 2014 - The team at Trade Show Emporium were lucky enough to go up to Aspen, Colorado for an event we sponsor. In its fifth go around, 3zero3 Motorsports has partnered up with companies like us so that gear heads like our owner, Willis can all come together and have a guided track day, enjoy great food and cocktails and general schmoozing.

Starting on July 25th, a warm Friday morning, we started out by matching the numbers on the cars with our sheet that coordinates with the Viceroy Snowmass's rooms so that the people who registered can enjoy the champagne and not worry about checking in. It is only on the morning of the event that a specific route is chosen and cars file out with police escort up to the mountains. This year Independence Pass was selected and attendees were able to stop for a quick lunch before the descent in to Snowmass. 3zero3 keeps a cap on the amount of people allowed to this event, partly because of the tight fit through the caravan and the track day, although many more want to sign up each year. Once the caravan of cars showed up to the Viceroy in Snowmass Village, only seven of the cars fit at the base of the hotel, so we had a lawn where the rest of the exotic cars could park.

Our job was to set up the 10' trade show display near the entrance with a monitor that displayed pictures from last year's event. We weren't as familiar as we would have liked with this display, but after setting it up and tearing it down twice, we can now do it in our sleep. This may be the case with many of our clients; it's kind of like a first date. The first time, both parties are a mess, the second time you are getting to know each other, and the third time everything feels comfortable. After a quick dismantle we were off for happy hour and dinner at the Ricard in the Snowmass Village. While the rest of the table got finger food, we had no problem getting fried chicken and mash potatoes, which there were plenty to share.

We were up early the next morning to get access to the track. Liz Clausen of 3zero3 Motorsports drove us up to Aspen Motorsports Park while describing how many car accidents she had been in. This isn't the best way to learn about your driver; it's actually pretty terrifying. Up on the track some of the best cars I have ever been next to were whizzing around the track itching for passengers. One of the first rides offered to passngers was in a Lamborghini Murcielago owned by five time participant and general lead foot, Bob Cloutier. Subsequent rides were given in an Audi TT RS, Porsche Cayman, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Audi B5 A4, and a 2015 Audi RS5 to name a few. Needless to say we were very happy. Some of the drivers/owners burned through a full set of tires on the track; which we don't blame them one bit.

There were two sets of racers that were placed in to three different stages; experienced track drivers, intermediate drivers and beginning drivers. Scott Simpson, experienced track driver and partner of 3zero3 Motorsports discussed track safety, flagging and how to work through the turns on the track. Inexperienced drivers had the option to take a pro driver with them that would help push through the turns. This was our kind of day.

The Morgan Adams Foundation had an ambassador family where their son, a 23 year old cancer survivor was getting in every car he could. You can read all about his struggle and story on their website. With Adam's positive attitude from his survival story and his love for cars, the Annual Automobili Exotica was a perfect place to spread the word. He was able to take out his Lexus on the track as well which really got his blood pumping.

We retired to the awards ceremony after the track near The Nest by the Viceroy pool where our display was set up once again. Max, the marketing director behind 3zero3 handed out awards to the lead foot driver, highest horse power car owner, spirit award winner and most aggressive vehicle aficionado. There were also some awards given to people who participated in the car show that was on the Snowmass Village lawn. More cocktails and schmoozing were had while Max made us laugh and remember that we all were there for a good cause; cars and charity.

With the 5th Annual Automobili Exotica in the books, we are happy to say that we'd love to go back next year. The experience of being surrounded by vehicle lovers, cancer survivors, and great people gave us withdrawals upon our return to Denver. Granted mountain traffic was terrible, but that is a side note. Anyway, we hope you all enjoy the pictures we took and look forward to participating again next year.

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