German Aircraft GmbH becomes a global player and prepares IPO after implementation U.S. market and South-East Asian market.

January 03, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Cologne/Köln, Germany, January 03, 2006

German Aircraft GmbH is an European manufacturer of ultralight/microlight and light sport aircraft for professional and private use. German certified engineers built as pilots demands. Especially for control and observation flights (police, border and coastguard enforcement), photography and animal watching (ranching, environment and sightseeing) and other performances. Highest quality norms, several weight and certification classes, impressive standard configurations and perfect customer service distinguishes German Aircraft GmbH.

Sky-MAXX, currently bestseller of the company, is the ideal aircraft for pilots desiring the higher cruise speeds available with aircraft in the Light Sports Aircraft (LSA/SLA) or microlight/ultralight category, whilst still maintaining the short field capabilities of the traditional microlight. Of aluminium alloy construction, Sky-MAXX is a conventional, three axis, non-strut-braced monoplane. It's high lift wing, incorporating electrical flaps, produces unsurpassed short take-off and landing (STOL) performance, whilst maintaining 180 km/h cruise.

Sky-MAXX, the cost effective helicopter alternative

Sky-MAXX was designed as an economical helicopter alternative. After seven years of design studies, wind tunnel and flight testing, the result was this remarkable aircraft. Sky-MAXX is a versatile, light weight, two seat, single engine, short takeoff and landing (STOL) aircraft. With very low operating costs and outstanding performance, Sky-MAXX is the most efficient and cost-effective aircraft in its class. When vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) is not absolutely necessary, Sky-MAXX can do the work of a helicopter at a fraction of the cost, with greater safety and comfort for your pilots. Alternatively, let Sky-MAXX augment your helicopter by doing the preliminary surveillance and save your helocopter for times when it is really needed.

Helicopter cockpit

With its helicopter cockpit, Sky-MAXX gives an unparalleled 270º view from side to side. This allows the pilot to see directly under the aircraft in a normal turn. He can also see forward below the nose of the aircraft in level flight.

Air conditioning

Sky-MAXX has an air conditioning option. Long hours at low altitudes on hot days can be fatiguing for pilots, decreasing their effectiveness. The Sky-MAXX air conditioner is made for this situation. This is a rare feature in light aircraft and helicopters.

Ballistic recovery system

Sky-MAXX has an optional ballistic recovery system (BRS). This rocket propelled parachute can gently lower the entire airframe to the ground in case of a catastrophic accident. This adds a great measure of safety compared to helicopters. Normally, pilots would not wear parachutes, so an event like a mid-air collision would normally prove fatal to the occupants. The BRS system alleviates much of this danger. Sky-MAXX's rugged airframe and landing gear adds another level of protection.

Quiet operation

Sky-MAXX is much quieter than helicopters. Why announce your arrival? Sky-MAXX will improve your element of surprise.

Slow patrol speed

With flaps extended 10º, Sky-MAXX can cruise at 45 knots (52 mph) with full maneuverability. This gives plenty of opportunity to spot things that would be missed at higher speeds.

Short takeoff and landing

Sky-MAXX's STOL capability and rugged landing gear make landing on small, unpaved surfaces possible. This is a plus in an emergency or when boots are needed on the ground.

Custom doors

Sky-MAXX can be ordered with special open-side doors for photographic work, or for firing weapons, smoke canisters, etc. These missions are enhanced by Sky-MAXX's vibration free operation compared to helicopters.

Optional cargo pod

Sky-MAXX can be ordered with a belly mounted cargo pod for greater mission flexibility.

Custom editions

A hallmark of German Aircraft GmbH is the flexibility in creating custom editions of Sky-MAXX. Any special requirement that is physically possible and economically feasible can be accommodated.

Sky-MAXX in comparison to conventional ultralights

Many ultralight-manufactors don't built their airplanes for (long-)distance-flights but they built them mainly up on nostalgia-reproductions and fun-appliances.

Compared with these models, Sky-MAXX distinguishes itself through his robust full-aluminum-construction and highest quality-standards, that are far over the usual standards in the ultralight-norm.

So, electric flaps and trimming are offered by many manufacturers not even as special-provisions, for example. By Sky-MAXX, these belong to the series-provisions.

Individual provision-variations (different tails, different undercarriage systems), motor-selection, varnishing as well as further avionic-accessoires are criterions, that don't offer most other ul-manufactors.

Conventional ultralights can be flown usually only by one pilot. Sky-MAXX can be flown by 2 pilots.

The view-field in Sky-MAXX amounts approximately 270° and corresponds that of a helicopter.

German Aircraft GmbH products are now available in following markets:

U.S. market

German Aircraft US, LLC (Jim Hendrix)
417 North 11th Street
Oxford, Mississippi 38655, United States
Phone: 662-234-8793
Fax: 662-234-2195

South-East Asian market

The Foundation for Preservation and Development of Thai Aircraft under the patronage of his Majesty the King
No. 171 The Foundation Building, Phaholayothin Road
Don-Muang, Bangkok 10210, Kingdom of Thailand
(C/O: Aviatech Co., Ltd. )
phone: +66 (02) 532-5178-9
fax: +66 (02) 532-5180

Australian market

Sky-MAXX Australia Pty Ltd. (Peter Harlow)
Queensland, Australia
phone: 0413 900 892

Eastern Europe market

Jan Orzechowski
Radlow ul. Wojska Polskiego 10,
63-440 Raszkow
phone:+48 (0) 62 735 44 00
fax:+ 48 (0) 62 73541 07
mobile:+ 48 602 268 920

German Aircraft GmbH demands from all exclusive partners to fullfill strictly all dealership requirements to assure best maintenance, parts service and customer service. The chosen partners are the best.

In proceeding this development German Aircraft GmbH plans it's successfull IPO in 2008.

German Aircraft GmbH
Ralf Voigt, CEO
Ringstrasse 49-55
50996 Cologne, Germany

phone: +49.221.3374.825