India Travel Guide Offers Great Opportunity of Wildlife Safari

January 04, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
India Travel Guide has opened up a new vista for tourists who want to explore the sights and sounds of this beautiful country. This is the ideal time to get off the beaten track and enjoy the fascinating charm of a wildlife safari. All questions pertaining to a possible tour of Indian wilderness is available from the most reliable India Travel Guide, Before embarking on a tour, a few relevant questions have to be answered. This website provides necessary solution to all the questions.

The diversity of flora and fauna in India provides for great eco-tourism destinations. Tourists, who are sick and tired of leading a cosmopolitan life, find pristine Indian wilderness, a remarkable getaway. Efforts of the Government in restoring the Indian wildlife seem to have paid off as hotels are experiencing a boom in tourism for Indian wildlife safari. There are around 40 national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India and these reserved forests are home to some of the exotic species on earth.

India Travel Guide is a website that is rather different from other conventional travelsites. Here tourists will find adequate information about traveling in India. The website is also a one stop solution to all travel related requirements like accommodation and transport.

Tourists can make hotel reservations in the places they wish to travel. Often accommodation is not available at the last moment. Through this website, tourists will be able to book rooms online real time. India Travel Guide can book more than 370 hotels of all categories spread over 150 Indian cities. Tourists can therefore be rest assured that they will find an accommodation through this website wherever they go in India.

This is the perfect time to have real fun. Pack up and embark on an adventurous wildlife safari along the foot hills of Himalayas in Uttaranchal. You can also visit the swamps of Bengal to see some of the most powerful predators on the prowl. The birds at Bharatpur will delight you with the colorful flutter of feathers. Down south, enjoy the wild beauty of evergreen forests and herds of elephants. Central India too has beautiful sanctuaries worth a visit. Make a hotel reservation and set out for a great time amidst nature.