Increase Your Home Value with a Home Theater

September 04, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
September 4, 2014 - The number one reason to install a home theater, of course, is for your own use and enjoyment. However, because you can certainly spend just about any amount of money to create a simple TV corner to the ultimate dream media room, it's important to consider whether this financial commitment can be an investment and potentially increase the value of your home.

At Rangel Electric, we are more than just a full service electrical contractor. Our vast experience gives our professionals the knowledge for full service audio visual design and installation as well. In recent years, have seen an increase in the addition of media spaces and, whether simple or extreme, we can help you evaluate your needs and envision your dream system.

According to real estate experts, most home improvements do generally increase the value of your home, particularly when compared to other homes in your neighborhood without the same amenities. With technology constantly improving and new ways of streaming movies and TV becoming available, home theater systems are becoming more popular.

Especially in the more high-end sector of the real estate market, where there is ample square footage for a dedicated space, state-of-the art media rooms may be the norm. Built-in cabinetry with surround sound can be highly sought after and create buyer appeal. Finishing details such as in-wall, hidden wiring and recessed speakers can make a major difference in the look and feel of the space.

Even for the more "average" sized home, a dedicated media space and high-end audio visual system can set your home apart from others. Real estate experts note that even if an appraiser may not put a premium on a house because of the home theater, this amenity definitely will differentiate your home from others and potentially help yours to sell more quickly.

However, if you are converting a bedroom to a dedicated media space, keep in mind the average number of bedrooms of the homes in your neighborhood. You may not want to install built-in cabinetry if you may need to be able to easily convert back to a bedroom. Fortunately, there is beautiful cabinetry and components available with a high-end feel that doesn't have to be custom.

Ultimately, you should create the home theater that works for you now. Our experts at Rangel Electric will meet with you in your home to evaluate your space and needs. With our turnkey program, we can recommend the components, complete all installation, and make sure your know how to use your system.

We can help design a simple, yet high-tech audio visual system or a more complex, fully-integrated unit with all products managed by a user-friendly smart panel. We provide the non-invasive installation, hiding wires to ensure a clean and professional finish. We know your home and needs are unique. Call us at Rangel Electric at (760) 360-7377, and let us create the perfect home theater for you.

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