Startup Company Attorney Adam S. Tracy to Start Accepting Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency

September 12, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 12, 2014 - The Securities Compliance Group, Ltd., a leading Chicago based corporate, corporate finance and securities law firm and its managing securities attorney, Adam S. Tracy, announced today that they will begin accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in exchange for their services. Bitcoin, one of numerous digital currencies that is showing strong growth and early adoption across a variety of industries, is quickly gaining popularity as more and more professional service providers and retailers alike are turning to Bitcoin as a form of payment. Siezing on the tremendous growth of cryptocurreny in commerce, the Securities Compliance Group is one of the few firms nationwide to have established a Cryptocurrency practice group.

"It was a logical decision for us to begin accepting Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency as payment in earnest," stated attorney Adam Tracy. "Our experience in representing numerous Bitcoin entrepreneurs has reinforced our belief that cryptocurrency can be employed as a viable, safe means of payment," he continued. Bitcoin attorney Adam S. Tracy has represented numerous cryptocurrency ventures in a wide range of transactions, including payments law, securities and tax, and was recently tapped to represent My Big Coin in its pending initial public offering.

Tracy noted; "it is imperative for us as a law firm holding itself out to be knowledgable in the developing cryptocurrency marketplace to do more than just talk." The firm will be accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for any manner of engagement. Bitcoin entrepreneurs are encouraged to contact cryptocurrency attorney Adam S. Tracy for more information.

About the Securities Compliance Group, Ltd.

Securities Compliance Group, Ltd. is a leading provider of corporate, corporate finance and securities legal services, SEC-registered transfer agency, compliance and consulting services to micro, small to mid-sized private and public entities, and cryptocurrency compliance. Our team is comprised of skilled, experienced attorneys, cryptocurrency analysts and compliance experts. If you are involved with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and have any questions with regard to how to comply with digital currency regulations, the Securities Compliance Group can be your cost-effective compliance and legal solution.

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