Morocco Tour of Adventure & Culture 2006: adventure website sets new standards of excellence in backpacker travel

January 06, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Experience adventure and a behind-the-scenes cultural experience with Journey Beyond Travel as they take you on a tour of Morocco!

WORLDWIDE - If you've ever wanted to "go beyond the destination," into the heart of a people and culture, this New Year just might be your time to travel to exotic Morocco! With a former Peace Corps Volunteer, an African Specialist and a local guide leading the way, this will be your time to ride camels into the Sahara, trek the Atlas Mountains and visit all the imperial cities all on one stellar trip.

Journey Beyond Travel at:
in association with the best travel website online,, and the NYC Arabic Language & Middle Eastern Culture Social Club at: are proud to announce the launch of the Morocco Tour of Adventure & Culture 2006. The tours are set to begin in spring and continue through the fall.

Tour Highlights:

* 21-Day tours
* Limited to 10 people per tour
* Two qualified U.S. guides
* One local guide
* Arabic Language & Culture Courses at no cost
* All in-country transport
* A jaunt into Spain
* Breakfasts & several special meals
* Priced for the backpacker

Journey Beyond Travel offers a unique look at the world of travel with its no-cost quarterly magazine. And, along with their adventure travelers' article features, a little something for every physical or virtual wayfarer is awaiting discovery. Come take a gander and sign-up today!

For further inquiries, come visit the site for a detailed description, a downloadable full-color brochure, and a great explanation of the itinerary.

Feel free to contact Thomas at or call 765.387.4404.