Kickstarter Lift and Twist Helps Patients Track Last Dose of Medication Taken Right on the Bottle

October 02, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
October 02, 2014 - Lift and Twist can significantly reduce the stress of managing prescription medications. It eliminates questions like "What time was I suppose to take my next pill?" or "Did I ever take my morning dose?" and allows people to focus on the most important thing: their health, and the health of their loved ones.

How does it work? Lift and Twist is a functional design that replaces the out-dated prescription bottle cap. It's simple and intuitive design is easy for elderly or ill patients to operate: simply Lift and Twist the outer cap to set the time, without needing batteries or buttons. It is available with or without a child resistant feature. This allows us at to provide you with the perfect product based on your preference and needs.

What will we accomplish? Ultimately, our goal is that every prescription bottle cap provides the safety and convenience of Lift and Twist. We are also excited to offer an easy way to tell medications apart in the form of our new colored Lift and Twist caps. This provides patients with a clear distinction between different medications.

Who needs Lift and Twist? If you or someone you know has trouble remembering when to take the next dose of a prescription medication, Lift and Twist is the simple solution. Whether you have multiple prescriptions with a variety of dosage times, or you and your spouse need help remembering to give your third child her antibiotic while handling a busy family schedule, Lift and Twist will help you take control of healthcare maintenance. Help us make personal health management simple by becoming a Lift and Twist backer. The easy design means that anyone can use Lift and Twist to remember when the next dose of medication is due.

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