Breakthrough Hypnosis Telecourse Series Takes People From Self-Discovery to Self-Mastery

January 05, 2006 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Tucson, AZ (PRLEAP.COM) January 5, 2005 – An innovative hypnosis program for personal and professional success is available for people who want to create the life they dream about but didn’t know how to get it, until now. The “Unstoppable Success Telecourse Series” was developed by certified hypnotherapist and life coach, Willow Sibert, and teaches participants how to use their mind power for success and to let go of attitudes and behaviors that often lead to unfulfilled dreams and goals.

“People are way more than just their goals,” Sibert stated. “I wanted to help them easily begin to change thought patterns and beliefs and begin to create a future where they can do what they want to do by using the power of their own subconscious mind instead of depending on typical goal programs, which are often unsuccessful,” she added.

Sibert, a degreed psychology professional, trainer, entrepreneur, and certified hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest hypnotist organization in the United States, realized that many of her clients wanted a life with passion, joy, and abundance yet remained in unsatisfying situations. They either wanted to change and didn’t know how, or they knew how but something always stopped them.

“You can create all the goals in the world, but if you don’t deal with what stops you, you’ll never get anywhere,” Sibert says. Not just your basic goal-setting series, Sibert uses hypnosis and guided imagery to get to the heart of what stops a person from attaining their heart’s desire. She discovered dreams and goals would manifest more easily when aligned on all levels of body, mind and spirit, rather than just focused on one area.

The “Unstoppable Success Telecourse Series” is a three-tiered program to help participants move past their own blocks, gain focus and clarity in setting goals, and develop a plan for creating their new unstoppable life. The series consists of Purposeful Living, Prosperous Living, and Success in Action. It uses teleconferencing technology to allow participants throughout the world to take part via telephone. In addition to the weekly theme, Sibert leads participants in hypnosis, guided visualization, and subliminal affirmations to assist them in creating quick, effective changes in their unstoppable business success process.

Each course in the series ranges from six to eight weeks in length, and builds upon on the other. Participants evolve a profoundly personal, inward journey to a practical, external application of what they’ve learned. The series ultimately helps participants change their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that stop them from attaining their goals and to develop clear, concise goals with a practical and doable “action plan.” Each 55-minute session is recorded in MP3 format, and made available for participants to download any time they want throughout the course.

“…This course has given me courage, self worth, and focus for the things in me that need to come to the surface so my life can be full and rewarding, no matter what is going on around me!” ~ J. Choate; Menard, TX

Sibert suggests using hypnosis for successful New Year’s resolutions. “All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis," she said. Hypnosis is a natural, although altered, state of mind that most people experience without realizing, especially before falling asleep or upon waking. “Level One, Purposeful Living” sessions begin January 18, 2006 at 7:15pm.