Better than Kitty Purry: Newest music sensation is a healthy cat and dog duo

October 04, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Let's talk about pets

October 4, 2014 - If our pets could talk, they would surely have a lot to say about the crazy costumes we dress them up with, the weird tricks we make them do, the funny way we talk to them, the people we interact with, and especially the food we feed them. Our pets are completely dependent on us and they count on us to make smart choices for them every single day of their lives, especially when it comes to their health and nutrition.

Unfortunately, most pet parents may not even really know what they're feeding their pets. Do you know that most commercial pet food contain harmful ingredients that offer little nutrition? It may be full of by-products, fillers, and even fake meat! Just like human food, there's good pet food, and there's junk pet food.

It's a good thing that now, pets finally have a voice! Meet Bow the Dog and Wow the Cat. It's about time that we listen to what our pets have to say (or sing) about what real, healthy nutrition means.

Watch their music video on:

Visit for more tips on how to feed your pets healthy.

Join the healthy pet food revolution: Sing n' Rap Like Bow and Wow

Do you want your pet to star in the next Bow & Wow music video for a chance to win a year's supply of all-natural pet food? Here's your chance! Send us a video of your dog or cat performing to the Bow and Wow rap "Let's Talk About Pets". The contest runs from September 16 to October 31, 2014.

Your participation will also help us help pets in need! Once we reach 100 entries collectively, a donation of 100 kilograms of pet food will be made to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and CARA Welfare Philippines.

Before you post your video, make sure to read these details!

How to Participate:
1. Like the Bow & Wow page on Facebook and/or Instagram.
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram: @bowandwow

  • 2. Submit your entry through any of the following ways:
  • Post the video on the Bow & Wow Facebook timeline and include the hashtag #bowandwow.
  • Post the video on your Instagram account and tag @bowandwow with the hashtag #bowandwow.
  • E-mail your video to YouTube links may also be e-mailed.

  • 3. Videos must be within 15 seconds to 60 seconds only.

    4. Music and/or lyrics used must be from the "Let's Talk About Pets" song of Bow and Wow.
  • To download the music clip, visit:
  • You can also opt to sing the song acapella.

  • 5. Bow & Wow will donate 100 kilograms of pet food to The Philippine Animal Welfare Society and CARA Welfare Philippines once 100 entries are reached.

    Click here for the full mechanics:

    Visit our Facebook at to find out more details about how you can be part of the healthy pet food revolution.

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