Sherman Oaks Implant Dentist Implementing New Technology to Enhance Patient Experience

October 17, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
October 17, 2014 - Sherman Oaks, CA: Green Dental & Orthodontics embraces new technology, CT scanning machine, to help reduce pain and prevent errors that can occur with dental implant procedures. That is good news for local Sherman Oaks dental implant candidates.

Green Dental & Orthodontics announced that he recently added a CT Scanning machine to the office to enhance the dental implant procedure for patients. CT scanning software is used in anatomic dentistry, and aids in finding the ideal bone placement location. This can help alleviate errors and make planning prosthetics easier and safer.

With experienced dental specialists already well-adept at gentle cosmetic dentistry, this addition will further ease the fears of their dental implant patients. Patients who are interested in certain dental procedures, but have experienced fear of the unknown holding them back will now seek out much needed dental care. With this new technology, office specialists have the capability to get a highly detailed view inside the mouth to aid in the creation of the best plan of treatment, including ability to diagnose exact position and placement of dental implants.

CT, or computed tomography, scanning software can deliver 3D images of patients that are viewed from every angle of the jawbone. This allows dentists to study detailed images beforehand, giving them visual access to nerves and specific bone height and weight. This technology can help virtually eliminate errors that can cause side effects such as excess pain, nerve damage or numbness.

Green Dental & Orthodontics specialists have worked with many patients that could benefit from dental implant procedures, but are terrified because the fear of the word surgery and any potential problems associated with it, keep them at bay. Patients have heard horror stories of others experiencing irreversible numbness or bad pain. These negative side effects are almost always due to placement error that can be prevented when the oral surgeon takes a better look at nerves, bone and sinuses within the patient's mouth. With this CT machine, patients will no longer have to worry.

About Green Dental & Orthodontics:

The board certified periodontist and oral surgeon of the Green Dental & Orthodontics team in Sherman Oaks, California strive to provide eco-friendly dental care for your entire family. From orthodontics to oral surgery, Green Dental can provide all your dental needs under one roof. Green Dental offers a broad range of dental procedures while making patients feel cared for and safe. Find out more about Green Dental on their website at

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