Finally: The Warranted Gout Cure?

October 18, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
October 18, 2014 - Despite the common knowledge about gout, that all medications, home remedies, and diets would manage the gout attacks and gout pain only, and prevent new depositis of urates in joints - in short, that there would be no gout cure: Ad Salutem offers a unique diet which provides a natural, non-invasive and non-medical way to remove urate crystals from joints, and surrounding tissues. As a result, the body switches into the self-healing mode, and the gout pain disappears. Ad Salutem gives MONEY BACK WARANTY for the successful removal of urate crystal deposits.

The whole procedure is not a gout cure or medical treatment, but a special diet, conceived by Ad Salutem.
The diet contains an ingredient, which is an unprocessed food, according to FDA and German legal definitions. Ad Salutem calls both, the ingredient, and the diet, RUD (an acronym for Removing Urate Deposits).

For four years now, Ad Salutem absolves a RUD test program with volunteers suffering continuous pain and gout attacks. As of today, none of the volunteers does experienced symptoms of gout, or any side effect. On the contrary, the volunteers reported several side benefits like overall well-being enhancement; Increased body flexibility and movability; disappearance of kidney stones; and noticeable enhancement of the kidney and liver functions.

Ad Salutem offers RUD during a three weeks' vacation in the luxury art and boutique hotel Wolfsbrunn, Saxony, Germany. The guests, arriving at one of the airports Leipzig (LEJ), or Dresden (DRS), will enjoy a limo service for transportation to the hotel at January 22nd. The guests will leave by limo service from Wolfsbrunn at February 13th 2014.

The hotel is booked complete; however, Ad Salutem admits 12 guests only, and one accompanying person each in order to deliver RUD with the highest quality standards, and under controlled conditions.

Ad Salutem's professional medical care providers monitor and guide the guest's individual progress.

About Ad Salutem:
Ad Salutem offers a three weeks' vacation in Wolfsbrunn, Saxony, to apply the RUAD diet.
Ad Salutem is 100% owned by Mittweida Investments UG (haftungsbeschränkt).
Contact Ad Salutem:
Grazyna Czarnecka
Tel +49 371 4039 9583

About Mittweida Investments UG (haftungsbeschränkt):
Mittweida Investments accumulates funds in order to invest in approved business ideas.
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