BPM Touch: Mobile process capturing and modeling encourages innovation

October 21, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
October 21, 2014 - With their BPM Touch business app for tablets, the Stuttgart-based company bamero AG (Germany) has made process capturing and modeling incredibly simple and elevated it to another level. The innovative application makes it possible for companies to record and document procedures in-house using multimedia. Activities and media files such as photos, audio and video recordings, and documents can now be added, connected together, and changed at will very easily and intuitively at the touch of a finger. Above all, this method will support process design, since it is always possible to get a clear visual understanding of which job is being performed at which stage of the process, which specific machines have to be used, or how the on-site facilities look. To this end, it is even possible to take a photo with the tablet in use during process capturing, for example, which depicts in layman's terms the situation that has been captured.

BPM Touch not only supports a wide range of project types such as blueprint design, lean BPM, and process harmonization, but also the day-to-day requirements within workflows: in the fields of quality management, software adaptations, or service and product sales, for example. Initially, the only technical requirement is a 10-inch tablet running the Android operating system from Version 4.0 onward.

"Mobile BPM can trigger an enormous push for innovations in business and provide effective support for organizational change management. In particular, the 'first mile' of Business Process Management projects can be formed up to 60 percent more efficiently using BPM Touch in comparison to conventional capturing and modeling processes. The user experience is highly motivating, since finger control has become very well-known thanks to smartphones and tablets. Companies will benefit immensely, since there is no previous technical knowledge required whatsoever," explained CEO, Dr. Christian Bartsch.

BPM Touch also opens the doors for voice-controlled modeling and multimedia enrichment of process steps. The software's rapid modeling option provides added value, which means that a project team may be presented with results just a few hours after process capturing has taken place. This makes BPM the perfect solution for process consultants, who want to incorporate requirements together with the client and then demonstrate optimization potentials such as automation possibilities in the process on-site, directly after the consultation. In other words, BPM touch is the ideal addition to existing BMP solutions that cannot depict the capturing process quite as conveniently. The modeled processes can then be exported to downstream programs using standard formats and including media data.

About bamero AG:
bamero AG is a young, rapidly growing and innovative company active in the field of mobile and agile Business Process Management. The team is specialized in mobile BPM, process transformation projects and made-to-measure BPM services. Their BPM Touch tablet app enables bamero to provide companies from all industries with easy and intuitive multimedia process capturing and modeling. Professional BPM is easier and more affordable than many decision-makers expect.

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