Grand River Academy Publishes a Slide Show Demonstrating How to Motivate Teenage Boys

October 22, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
October 22, 2014 - Is your son not reaching his full academic potential? Does he often describe his schoolwork as "boring?" Many parents have a difficult time getting their children to stay motivated with their schoolwork. Grand River Academy looks to help parents motivate their sons to succeed with their new informative slide show, "How to Motivate an Underachieving Teenage Boy."

When a child fails to earn consistently high grades, many parents are quick to blame the child's academic ability or intelligence. Many parents fail to recognize that their child's learning difficulties are related to their environment. When it comes to education, genders are not created equally. Young men and women develop different learning behaviors as they grow, with boys often having more success with a style of hands-on learning.

Public school and larger independent school environments typically do not offer many chances for young men to focus on this style of hands-on learning, and many boys become disinterested or lose their excitement for learning. There are ways that parents can work to better their son's academic standing and reignite their child's excitement for learning.

Providing your son with a personalized learning space can help reignite a passion for learning. A personalized learning space allows your son to create a place of his own. Being able to sit down at his workspace may help encourage him to spend more time with his schoolwork. Additionally, keeping an open relationship with your son can help motivate him for success. Rather than shun him for his failures, look for opportunities to encourage your son and give him opportunities for success to help build his confidence.

Another wise tip for parents looking to help their son's academic standing is to provide their son with the proper tools for success. Consider creating a system of time trades for your son, allowing him to partake in more of his hobbies and activities for each extra hour he puts towards his schoolwork. Try to find a way to relate these interests and hobbies to the subjects or topics that your son is studying.

Teenagers are motivated by three primary sources friends, freedom and fun. Merging these three elements into your son's learning process can help guide your son to academic success. For more information on how parents can work to better motivate their son, visit to view the slide show.

Sometimes, the best way to motivate your son academically is to provide them with a change of scenery. Grand River Academy offers a specifically tailored curriculum that promotes a style of learning that favors the natural learning behaviors of young men. At Grand River Academy, students can learn both in and out of the classroom, through a wealth of courses, activities and support programs that may otherwise not be made available in either a public school or larger independent school environment. Visit for more information and discover how Grand River difference can help your son unlock his academic potential.

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