Status Labs helps small business owners protect their online reputation with best-in-class Google search engineering services

October 23, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
October 23, 2014 - Status Labs, the premier online reputation management company, is helping small business owners protect their online reputation with its best-in-class Google search engineering services. "Like any business, small business owners are highly susceptible to all sorts of online skullduggery and anonymous whisper campaigns orchestrated by competitors or disgruntled former employees and customers. This is often simply because small business owners do not realize that this sort of thing can happen to them. But it can and does happen every single day," said Brad Burnett, Status Labs' Director of Operations.

The internet has eliminated barriers and traditional costs of entry for people who want to do damage to your brand. In the past, competitors or disgruntled individuals had to run costly television, radio, or print campaigns to do lasting damage to your brand or steal market share. Negative word-of-mouth and whisper campaigns were stopped dead in their tracks because it was simply too hard and costly to get the word out to enough potential consumers to do lasting damage. But in the internet age, all it takes is one dedicated individual to set up an anonymous blog , attack site, or post a spurious Ripoff Report to do lasting damage to your business and brand.

Blogs, attack sites, and consumer complaint sites such as Ripoff Report, Yelp, and Pissed Consumer often rank highly in Google Search Results, especially for small businesses whose online footprint is otherwise very small. These damaging articles can stay on page one of Google Search Results and deter potential customers years after they were originally posted. Left unchecked, they will do lasting damage to a small business' brand, reputation, and revenue capacity. Worst of all, they will not go away on their own.

The good news is that Online Reputation Management (ORM) companies can help small business owners repair and recover their hard-earned good name. But all ORM companies are not made the same. Most will post a few flimsy social media profiles or other content in the hope that the sheer amount of created content will drown out the negative content on page one of Google Search Results. Rarely does this succeed, and the savvy consumer will see straight through such hollow attempts at damage control.

Status Labs has perfected the art of Online Reputation Management for small business. Using proprietary technology and expertise, the search engineers of Status Labs actually encourage Google's algorithm to view positive and neutral web properties as being more relevant than the negative blogs or consumer review sites. This process is a far cry from the standard carpet bombing techniques of other firms. Status Labs also offers a unique guarantee: Status Labs will successfully complete the project or continue working until all objectives are completed.

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