techdryer Solutions Announces the Launch of Its Operations

October 29, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
October 29,2014 - techdryer Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its operations. This is a new company that has successfully designed a revolutionary product for electronic users who accidentally drop their devices into water. techdryer utilizes a unique and efficient moisture removal system to ensure electronic devices damaged by water are dried out to their normal working condition.

Water damages electronics the moment it comes in contact with a device. techdryer Solutions focus is to help people revive their treasured electronics as soon as they have encountered water. Until now reviving a device that has become wet has usually involved a bag of rice and has ended unsuccessfully and in most cases has involved purchasing new electronics or paying high charges for water insurance. techdryer is an inexpensive alternative for electronics owners, now there is no need to throw away wet electronics- techdryer can restore them.

techdryer Solutions set out to design a cost effective product that saves money and allows device owners to use a "do-it-yourself" product to revive their items from damage caused by water. Waiting to dry out wet electronics can be very costly because it exposes the electronic components to damage and corruption or loss of music, photo, video files and apps installed on the device.

This product has been manufactured specifically for electronic devices such as: cell phones, iPods, cameras etc. The bag's small size makes it highly portable and easily carried with other personal items.

techdryer Solutions has come up with 2 products which are techdryer 28g bag for handheld devices and small electronics, and the techdryer 56XL for laptops, tablets and camera equipment which will be coming soon!

techdryer Solutions comes into the market at a time when many electronic users are increasingly concerned about the cost of replacing devices that have been damaged by moisture. Thanks to techdryer, it's time to say goodbye to wet electronics. This product is expected to be useful in a market where many electronic users are looking for cheaper ways of restoring their devices damaged by water.

About techdryer Solutions
techdryer Solutions offers a special bag designed to protect and restore your electronics from moisture and water damage. For additional information about this new product, please visit

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