Monarch Green, Inc.® Launches New Website

October 30, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
October 30th, 2014, Newport Beach CA: Monarch Green, Inc.® is an environmentally friendly organization which provides products that quickly absorb spills. The company recently launched a new website which makes it easier for site visitors to find information they need on the fastest and safest ways to clean up oil and other spills.

The "Home" page presents an introduction to the maker of high-capacity absorbent products, along with an overview of the innovative, patented products Monarch Green provides. Visitors can quickly gain information on why Monarch Green's products are better. An "About Us" page explains that Monarch Green repurposes industrial products into distinctive, renewed uses.

The "Products" page has a description of spill cleanup products available under the company's brand names, Oilinator®, IncrediSorb® and Protector™. An easy-to-read "Features & Benefits" page provides visitors with essential product information, lists industries that can benefit from these products, and outlines application methods for the Oilinator®, IncrediSorb® and Protector™ products. A "Videos" page allows prospective users to see products such as the spill kits, sorbent mats, bilge boom sock, and drum topper in action.

"We don't think spills should be made worse through the clean-up process," commented Monarch Green's chairman, CEO, and co-founder, Thomas R. Rossi. "We offer a complete line of environmentally friendly products that clean up spills without incurring additional damage to the environment. This website is a crucial information source for those who may not be aware this option is possible."

Monarch Green's product line started with Spillinex™, a 100% recycled product later re-formulated with second generation improvements and re-named Incredisorb®, with the unique ability to contain and adsorb a wide variety of spilled liquids to the maximum, most efficient available, saturation capabilities. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Spillinex™ as an environmentally safe sorbent for use during the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill. For use on water and land, each pound will adsorb one gallon and more of oil, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons, and will not sink even after saturation.

Specialized Oilinator® products contain the IncrediSorb® compound using a unique, equally oleophilic (oil attracting) and hydrophobic (water rejecting), fabric. This creates a wicking process that ensures petroleum related substances are absorbed to the maximum saturation point. Oilinator® products include a Power Mat, Super Sorbent Mat, bilge boom socks, flexible boom and drum topper, which work on hard surfaces or water.

About Monarch Green, Inc.®: Monarch Green, Inc.® is answering the world's demand for environmentally-friendly, technologically-advanced, cost-effective, nontoxic products to clean up spills of oil and other liquids on land or water. Products include an oil clean-up sorbent mat, oil absorbing flexible booms, bilge boom socks, absorbent pads for storage drums, and complete spill kits. Visit the website at to view product videos and download a PowerPoint presentation on the sorbent market. "Like" the Facebook page for news and information on environmentally friendly, spill clean-up solutions. Call 1-877-500-SPILL (7745) Ext. 1 to find an authorized distributor in your area.

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