DoubleTree Ocean Point Resort & Spa Defines the Differences between Resorts and Hotels

October 31, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
October 31, 2014 - Choosing the right accommodations for your travels can often make or break your trip. No matter where your travels take you, there are sure to be countless hotels, motels, resorts and other places you can stay at during your travels. Knowing what each type of accommodation offers can help make a difference in your decision of accommodations. Let the DoubleTree Ocean Point Resort & Spa clear up some of the confusion with their newest infographic, "Resorts vs. Hotels."

Resorts and Hotels are the two most common types of accommodation offerings across the globe. While they both offer visitors a place to rest at night, there are several differences amongst the two that should be considered before you make your decision on where to stay during your travels.

Typically, a decision on where to stay directly relates to the purpose of your travels. Those simply traveling from one place to another, whether they are out of town for a business trip or visiting family for a few nights, tend to prefer the accommodations offered by a standard hotel. On the other hand, vacationers tend to lean towards the offerings of a resort, providing an extended amount of services, luxuries and more to bring extra relaxation to their guests.

An easy way to think about hotels and resorts is in terms of their size. Hotels are typically smaller in overall size. Beyond the rooms, lobby and maybe one on-site eatery, there isn't much else in terms of space that a hotel offers to its guests. Resorts tend to be much larger In size. In addition to the rooms, lobbies and lounges, a resort typically extends outward and provides more areas for entertainment, recreation and other activities.

Nowadays, it isn't uncommon for the standard hotel to include a variety of services and features that help to bring more comfort to anyone's travels. Free Wi-Fi, fitness centers, computer access and breakfast offerings are some of the expected services from hotels. Resorts take these services and free amenities to the next level. On top of the standard features that are common in most hotels, resorts offer their guests a bit more comforts and luxuries, including shuttle services, on-site spas, restaurants, business centers and much more.

Whether your top travel priorities focus on costs or comfort, choosing the right type of accommodations for your trip is incredibly important. To learn more about the primary differences between resorts and hotels, view the infographic at

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