At Age 94 She Sets a Record In The Treetops at The Adventure Park

November 01, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
November 1, 2014 - A new record has been set by a climber at The Adventure Parks of Outdoor Ventures—the popular zip line and ropes courses currently operating in five States. This past October 17 Barbara ("Bebe") Stetson, age 94, set a record as the oldest climber to-date at any of the company's seven Adventure Park locations.

"She was awesome!" said Ceili Grinnell, the park employee at The Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut who climbed with Stetson, adding, "I was inspired by her."

Typically pursued by kids, teens and younger or middle-aged adults, The Adventure Parks are self-guided ropes courses constructed by Outdoor Ventures in forests and feature platforms at different heights in the trees, connected by zip lines and challenge bridges of different kinds. Each bridge is an "element" and a series of elements forms an "aerial trail." Barbara Stetson completed the trail named, "Firefly" which includes 11 different elements, concluding with a zip line.

"It was a great experience," said Mrs. Stetson, and great for anyone who wants to test themselves. I always like to challenge myself."

Her recent treetop adventure is in keeping with Mrs. Stetson's other activities. She has excelled at athletics all her life, winning the 1938 Ladies Singles Tennis Championship at the Maidstone Country Club in East Hampton, Long Island. At the age of 85 she rappelled down a 125-foot wall in Africa. She plays golf, tennis and swims regularly, rides a bicycle, exercises at the gym, lifts weights, plays bridge, hosts dinner parties and includes volunteer activities in her schedule.

While Barbara Stetson's experience is a record-setter, it is not unheard of for other active older adults to climb at The Adventure Parks. All park locations include a selection of color-coded trails ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced. So there are suitable challenges to be found for different climbing abilities. In addition, all The Adventure Parks include beautiful trails through the park with picnic tables and benches for non-climbers to enjoy as well at no charge.

About Outdoor Ventures & The Adventure Parks
Outdoor Ventures is the leading authority in the United States on aerial forest parks and largely responsible for bringing this increasingly popular activity to the United States from Europe where it originated. Of the 18 adventure parks it has constructed, it currently operates seven: The Adventure Park at The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, Connecticut; The Adventure Park at Storrs, Connecticut; The Adventure Park at Frankenmuth, Michigan; The Adventure Park at Sandy Spring Friends School in Maryland (the largest aerial forest park in the United States.) It opened three more of its parks this past year: The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield, Michigan; The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium on the grounds of The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, located at Virginia Beach; and most recently, The Adventure Park at Long Island located in Wheatley Heights (town of Babylon.)

For more information visit the individual websites of each of Outdoor Ventures seven parks at Or contact Anthony Wellman, Communications Director, Outdoor Ventures, 1700 Post Road, Suite C-16, Fairfield, CT 06824. Telephone: (203) 583-3021 or email

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