TenderForMe launches its new and innovative web site

November 04, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 4, 2014. TenderForMe has announced the launch of its website, found at http://www.tenderforme.com, a new site that aims to bring people together and match skills with needs. Whatever task you have, from welding to writing and everything in between, find someone who can complete it for you quickly and easily. For freelancers and small businesses it is also a great place to connect with customers wanting your services. Fully secure, the website protects your data and ensures peace of mind, whether you are looking for someone to complete your tasks, or wanting to provide your skills to others.

Finding suitable people for the tasks you have can be time consuming and frustrating. Endless hours on the phone getting quotes and repeating the same information over and over again, added to endless time spent searching through internet searches and newspaper ads to find anyone to call in the first place. Tenderforme.com is the answer to this, for both clients and skill providers. If you need a job done, you can post it once, and wait for the quotes to come from those interested. Similarly, for those looking to sell their skills, they have a one stop site to find thousands of people looking for the skills they have, a place to find work every day.

The platform is designed with privacy in mind, with minimal locational data given for either client or supplier, and requests are made through a pre-defined template to aid management, with detail expanded for individual projects if needed. Suppliers can register any number of request types they can fulfill, and the system will email suppliers should tasks become available in those areas.

The system allows suppliers to post a tender at a small fee for any task request, and this speed of quoting as well as hassle free quotations from a number of suppliers is what makes the service so useful to any client looking to request services. Clients can then mark a short list from the quotes and contacts obtained, and the system tracks this and makes it easy to communicate further with these suppliers.

Providers are not forgotten in this system of course, with an email breakdown of each project they offer a tender for at completion, to enable them to see what tenders are winning projects, helping any supplier to adjust their responses. Market research done as well as jobs to quote for, there is a lot to enjoy as a provider on tenderforme.com.

With geographical filters, clients and providers will be generally from the same area, with the aim of boosting the local economy and revitalizing local communities, increasing value to both clients and providers long term.

Once tasks have been completed, the platform includes a ratings system, allowing clients to rate the provider's services, which over time will become ever more valuable, giving an 'at a glance' overview of the provider's work. For providers this is also beneficial, those who are diligent, professional and reliable will be able to stand out due to the service offered, resulting in tenderforme.com becoming a better environment for all.

By creating an environment that places an equal focus on clients and providers, tenderforme.com allows genuine competition in a secure environment, where high quality providers will naturally rise to the top, clients can have peace of mind knowing they are using providers with proven track records and save time and frustration finding them.

Whether you are looking to be a client or a provider, register at www.tenderforme.com and find a platform geared to getting the best deal for you.

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