OfferDat is Kicking Butt and Taking Names for Users' Privacy & Security

November 11, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
November 11, 2014 - St. Petersburg, FL | - Developers for a new shopping and selling app, OfferDat, uses users' phone ID with no sign-up or sign-in method.

In the past several weeks, news stories about users' privacy and technology have been cropping-up more and more… according to Wired and Ad Age, Verizon uses "Unique Identifier Headers" to track user's web browsing. Twitter announced it is simplifying the sign-up process with a user's phone number, identifying their digits and not them, to servers. CNN Money reported how apps aimed at children are collecting a shocking amount of data and are the worst at invading privacy.

From the beginning, Tampa Bay start-up native app, OfferDat, launched in May '14, was created with one main feature in mind for the user: Privacy.

OfferDat from its inception never had a sign-up or sign-in process. All you have to do is install and it is ready to use to buy and sell merchandise. The app identifies users by their unique phone ID, and not through their social media accounts or email addresses. Think of how license plates are used to identify vehicles to other motorists, not the driver's personal info.

Founder and Chief Mobilizer, Richard Wakeel says, "To satisfy our goal of not collecting identifying markers about our users, we chose not to ask people who install the app to create an account and reveal their information in order to participate in our marketplace. Just as you wouldn't plaster your name, email, Social Security number, or Date of Birth on your car, we don't need your personal information from you, either. The only time we need your email is if you decide to upgrade to another phone and keep the same OfferDat account."

The app never requires user's to divulge more information they feel comfortable sharing, and that is what makes it unique to basically all other shopping, selling or social media apps on the market.

Through OfferDat, users can:
  • De-clutter their home, closet, garage or office
  • Post upcoming garage sales
  • Learn about local giveaways
  • Find out who's selling what and where
  • Give items away for free
  • Post an item and let someone make them an offer they can't refuse

  • The possibilities are endless and OfferDat never charge any fees such as final value or takes commissions from sellers.

    Wakeel adds, "We don't intend to spam our users, nor do we intend to violate their privacy, and for us to achieve that goal, we chose not to identify our users to our own servers. After all, prevention is the best form of cure for privacy and security concerns."

    Soon-to-come features will include swapping, donating merchandise to a charity and purchasing clothing, accessories, beauty products and more from retailers' virtual boutiques through a proprietary mobile ecommerce platform, or user's virtual closets, homes, garages and offices.

    For more information on OfferDat, please visit

    Free and available on Google Play & Apple Store

    Media Contact: Maria Alithinos | | (C): 813-784-2006

    About OfferDat
    OfferDat is a free native app to buy, sell and shop all without having to sign-up or sign-in with an email address, a social media account or a phone number to use it. The "Instagram" of classifieds where posts are image-focused, categories include preowned items for the home, accessories, cars, office, toys, swap, donate to charity, give away merchandise, and much more.

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