Grand River Academy Publishes their Tips for Visiting a Potential Boarding School

November 21, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
November 21, 2014 - Selecting the right school for your son is never an easy decision. With a variety of boarding schools to choose from, finding the perfect school to meet all of your son's needs can quickly become a time-consuming task.

Visiting any potential boarding school can help you narrow down your search, especially if you know what to look for during your visit. Get started on your checklist for a boarding school visit with help from the latest slideshow from Grand River Academy.

A surefire sign of a positive learning environment is a positive attitude. During your visit to any potential boarding school, the most important thing to look out for is the overall attitude of the faculty, staff and students. Take the time to introduce yourself and your son to people you come across throughout the campus, engaging them in conversation and asking any questions you have about the school.

During your visit, be sure to take a tour of the different dorms located throughout the campus. Taking the time to capture a quick glimpse of the different dorms can help you, and your son determine if the room will be a comfortable fit during the academic year. During your tour of the dorm rooms, ask about any items that may be prohibited by the school, such as microwaves and hotplates. Knowing what is provided for your son and what is prohibited can help streamline the packing process as your son prepares for move-in day.

A visit to any potential boarding school is the perfect opportunity for you and your son to immerse yourself into the school's campus. Make sure to take advantage of any opportunities to learn more about the school, from sitting in on a class lecture to sampling the school's dining hall offerings.

Before your visit, make sure you and your son set aside some time to create a list of questions you have about the school. Bring the list along on your visit and make sure you have all of your questions answered before the end of your visit.

Some of the most common questions that parents and students have are related to the academic courses and curriculum of a boarding school. Both the variety and complexity of the courses offered should play a major factor in your final decision, so make certain you have a complete understanding of the school's curriculum before you end your visit.

Another major factor you should take into consideration is the availability of extracurricular activities offered by the school. A school's extracurricular activities, sports offerings and clubs should work to provide your son with not only a diversion from his studies, but also an opportunity to learn and grow outside of the classroom. On your visit, be sure to ask about the various activities offered and look for something that can help your son succeed.

Boarding schools are often more than willing to accommodate their guests and potential students. Make sure you know what to look for in a potential boarding school by checking out the slideshow from Grand River Academy at

For a high-quality boarding school education that provides your son with the tools he needs for success both in and out of the classroom, consider the opportunities made possible with an education from Grand River Academy. With over 50 academic courses, a dedicated student support program and a variety of extracurricular offerings, Grand River Academy can help students exceed academic expectations. Find out more about how Grand River Academy can help your son unlock his true potential and visit today.

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