Data Analyzers Partners with Index Engines to Introduce Direct Data Extraction from Legacy Backup Tapes

November 25, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
November 25, 2014 - HOLMDEL, NJ Orlando, Florida-based data recovery specialists Data Analyzers look to make electronically stored information (ESI) more accessible, defensible and timely for eDiscovery and risk management clients by leveraging patented tape indexing technology from information management company Index Engines.

The addition of Index Engines' software enables Data Analyzers' clients to avoid the expensive and error-prone tape restoration process and achieve immediate access to a "search ready" index of the clients' data, while it still resides on tape. From there, dynamic reports can be created, sensitive documents and email found, and decisions can be made to extract and preserve only the responsive data.

"eDiscovery and ESI collection from backup tapes is becoming a key process in the litigation field," Data Analyzers CEO Andrew von-Ramin Mapp said. "The implementation of a smooth restoration is necessary where otherwise would be an extremely time consuming and error prone process.

" Data Analyzers' sophisticated, secure data processing lab currently specializes in recovering the most challenging lost data including damaged hard drives, servers and even smart phones.
With a change in many industries' legal compliance requirements, decade-old mystery tapes are once again becoming relevant and a liability. The addition of Index Engines' tape appliance will make recovery without the original software efficient and defensible.

"Backup tapes tend to be the problem many organizations ignore in hopes it will go away," Index Engines Vice President Jim McGann said. "However, these tapes often represent the only historical copy of critical data required to support litigation and as such become a key focal point for eDiscovery collection."

"Data Analyzers sees the need for faster, more efficient time to data and has the knowledge to help organizations with what's otherwise a very difficult area for eDiscovery and data access. We're thrilled to work with them."

Index Engines provides cost effective, direct access to legacy tape data without the need for the original backup software that created them. This innovative approach allows for cost effective indexing and even the proactive remediation of legacy tapes once data of value has been extracted and preserved.

Using efficient indexing and automated processing, tapes are scanned, policy applied and relevant data is extracted and preserved. By taking action on this data organizations can not only produce for eDiscovery in an efficient, cost effective manner, but also reduce the risk and liability of retaining unknown content.

"Many times the data needed for a litigation process is located among a set of backup tapes containing hundreds and hundreds of files that are irrelevant to the case," von-Ramin Mapp said. "With this new process we will shorten the turnaround time significantly resulting in a cost effective result for the client."

About Data Analyzers
Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Data Analyzers has become a national leader in data recovery services. Our passionate Data Recovery and Computer Forensic Teams are equipped to handle even the most challenging cases by having one of the most sophisticated labs in the country. Our Class 100 cleanroom and proprietary tools in combination with R&D allows us to claim great success in recovering data from all common media, including: Hard Drives, Tapes, Flash Drives, Solid State Drives, Smart Phones, Dell Servers, HP Servers, enterprise SAN's and more. Data Analyzers Tape Discovery and eDiscovery Service.

About Index Engines
Index Engines provides unprecedented file-level knowledge to manage the growing costs and risks associated with unstructured user data. Delivering the fastest indexing platform on the market today, at speeds up to 1 terabyte per hour per node, detailed metadata is captured across all data environments from primary storage to legacy backup tapes and disk. Using this knowledge, information can be classified and dynamic reports created to analyze and identify content based on legal and data policies. Index Engines' platform supports the disposition of data from migration, defensible deletion, tiering and archiving to policy audits and automation of governance rules. Join thousands of Index Engines users to conquer unstructured data growth, support legal and eDiscovery requests, and streamline the data center for more efficient operations.

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