Mike Cobb of ECI Development Appears on the Popular JetSetter Show Podcast

November 24, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
November 24, 2014 - Mike Cobb, the president of ECI Development, recently sat down with Jason Hartman of the popular JetSetter Show podcast to discuss his company's attractive, low-cost communities in Nicaragua and other friendly Central American countries. In particular, Cobb outlined the impressive development of Nicaragua's real estate market and the investment opportunities that await North American buyers there.

Cobb and Hartman discussed several factors that benefit ECI Development and its growing cohort of clients. First, the cost of living in Central America is far lower than in the United States. This pushes down the cost of labor, food, fuel, real estate and other essentials, allowing ECI Development's North American clients to enjoy an enviable standard of living at a modest cost. Overall, Cobb estimated that his clients save about 20 percent on initial costs relative to owners of similar properties in the United States.

Cobb also identified low ownership and overhead costs as a major perk for investors in Latin American real estate. In Nicaragua and other countries, property taxes are a tiny fraction of what they are in popular U.S. vacation destinations.

"Property taxes in Central America are incredibly low," said Cobb. "With a $150,000 condo, your property taxes are $200 a year [compared to $2,500 or more in the United States]."

Cobb identified a third factor in Latin America's emergence as a popular landing zone for American real estate investors and expats. Since the 1980s, countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama have made tremendous strides in addressing corruption and the perception of lawlessness. Today, many locations in these countries are safer than popular U.S. destinations.

"If you look at Panama today, it looks like Miami," said Cobb. "Due to its location [and other factors], Panama has been doing very well economically."

Click here to listen to the entire podcast about investing in Central America.

About ECI Development
Under the leadership of Mike Cobb, ECI Development has grown into the premier provider of low-cost Latin American real estate for North American buyers. The company specializes in scenic, high-amenity communities with low ownership costs and broad-based benefits for investors, vacation homeowners and year-round residents alike. ECI Development builds and operates communities in Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Belize. To learn more about its properties and opportunities, visit www.ecidevelopment.com.

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