Local BootCamp Saves Children From Scoliosis Fusion Surgery

November 25, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
November 25, 2014 - Grand Blanc, MI - Scoliosis affects 3-5% of the adolescent population. It is a spine disorder classically characterized by a curvature that develops around the ages of 9-12. Although treatment for scoliosis typically includes only observation, bracing, and fusion surgery, scoliosis-specific exercises are becoming more popular as more parents demand more proactive treatment options.

One type of these new scoliosis specific exercises comes from the ScoliSMART Clinics. They are a group of clinics that specialize in the evaluation and non-surgical management of scoliosis. The ScoliSMART Clinics offer a new 'Scoliosis BootCamp' program that allows patients to complete their scoliosis treatment in a short period of time, while still producing significant correction of the scoliosis. According to Dr. Mark Morningstar, director of the ScoliSMART Clinic - Michigan location, "Parents are tired of the same old 'wait & see' approach to scoliosis management. They don't want to wait around for their child's curve to get worse. They want to do something about it as soon as possible, which is the logical thing to do in my opinion. Smaller curves are much easier to treat compared to larger curves."

Dr. Morningstar says that scoliosis exercise treatments have a lot of research evidence behind them now. His treatment alone has over 30 research studies published to support the various therapies, diagnostic techniques, and management strategies used within the ScoliSMART Clinics.

"Speaking as both a provider and a parent, listening to a physician tell me to 'wait until it gets worse and then we'll do surgery' is just not acceptable to me. It is incredibly frustrating to stand by and watch your child's scoliosis get worse. Parents need to know that there are other options," says Morningstar.

The ScoliSMART Clinic - Michigan is located in Grand Blanc. There Dr. Morningstar treats 150-175 children per year using the 'Scoliosis BootCamp' program. For more information on Scoliosis BootCamp, or scoliosis exercise treatment, contact Dr. Morningstar at 810.694.3576. You can also get more information online at treatingscoliosis.com, where you can request a free information packet.

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