Helpful Holiday Kloos from uKloo Kids, Inc.

November 27, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
November 27, 2014 - Toronto, ON - uKloo Kids, Inc. wants to open up your holiday with a helpful holiday surprise.

"What could be better than extending the joy for children on Christmas morning," asks Doreen Dotto, a mother of two boys and creator of uKloo Early Reader and uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt games. "It's easy to add another layer of fun to your holiday gift giving. Treat your kids to a treasure hunt to find a special gift. Parents just have to lay out a uKloo trail on the eve of your holiday celebration. Wrap the starter card in a gift box and when the kids open the box, they solve the clue to find their next SURPRISE present!"

It's easy to use uKloo to provide the Riddle and clues for you. Children read the clues (uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt) or solve the riddles (uKloo Riddle Edition) to find the next location for the next gift or clue.

"You can use this technique on the morning of your holiday or, as expected, parents might be super tired on the day after holiday festivities, they can use uKloo for a little extra sleep time. They just set up the game the night before and when the kids come to wake them up in the morning, they can give their child a starter card to keep busy while Mom and Dad get a little extra R and R," Dotto explained.

But….don't tell the kids that uKloo play is educational. By playing uKloo children are building their reading, thinking and problem solving skills without even realizing it. Recently uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game was named to both the Dr. Toy Top 10 Best Games and the Play on Words (PAL Awards) Top 10 Games of the Year.

uKloo Early Reader and Riddle Edition are affordable and packaged small enough to fit into a stocking and can be excellent grab bag gifts to Moms or Dads to have on hand for family game nights.

The uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game (MSRP $17.95 for two or more players ages 7 and up) is an engaging seek-and-find literacy game that combines thinking skills with physically active fun. It encourages kids to call upon their logic and reasoning abilities to solve riddles towards finding a surprise. It offers a Riddle Writing Guide, which encourages parents and children to challenge each other with their own riddles.

To play uKloo Riddle, a parent or child places the riddle cards at each stage solution site, which eventually will lead the child to an ending surprise. For example a child is given the first uKloo card: "Turn the knob and swing it wide, it's the way to get outside." The child reasons that it is a door and goes there to find the next clue. The clues can go on for as many stages as you want.

The Riddle edition is the new edition to the uKloo family of games, which includes the company's top selling uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game (MSRP $15.95 for ages 4 and up). uKloo Early Reader is a fun seek-and-find literacy game for children ages four and up. This multi award winner is a great introduction to reading as it gets kids physically active. A Picture Helper Poster sets the kids up for success as they search for a hidden surprise.

uKloo games were created by Dotto, a mom whose two boys avoided reading homework at all costs. With the help of teachers, parents and kids, Dotto designed uKloo games to engage reluctant readers and improve sight reading, reading comprehension, logic, reasoning and problem-solving skills. The games have also been tested and approved for children with special needs.

About uKloo Kids, Inc.
uKloo Kids, Inc. is a children's literacy game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2010 by Doreen Dotto, the firm's first products, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game and Riddle Edition have earned more than a dozen different prestigious awards and uKloo is now sold in 19 countries. This year, uKloo Kids launched the uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt App which is now available as a free download. For further information about uKloo, visit the company website at and to interact with the company directly, see our social links on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

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