New "DO-178C Top Mistakes & How To Reduce DO-178C Costs" free whitepaper released by Afuzion Inc.

December 01, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 1, 2014 - From the principal author of the world's best-selling book on avionics certification and DO-178C, this all new DO178C Facts whitepaper precedes his new forthcoming book titled, "The Avionics Development Ecosystem".

Remember, bad luck is not the cause of avionics mistakes, just as those same mistakes are not prevented through good luck. DO-178C Mistakes are the result of a lack of understanding, planning, and neglecting to apply DO-178C's true intent. DO-178C was specifically developed to close DO-178B's loopholes and add capabilities for new technology such as Model Based Development via DO-331 and Object Oriented Technology via DO-332. However, while DO-178C improved many aspects of avionics certification, DO-178C introduced new risks: this whitepaper discusses the top DO-178C mistakes and how to avoid them. Author Vance Hilderman introduced the world's first public DO-178 training in 1995 and has trained more persons than all other trainers in the world combined.

As described in his forthcoming book "Avionics Development Ecosystem", author Vance Hilderman describes how many DO-178C best practices are still largely unknown in the avionics software development community. States Chris Jackson, Afuzion co-founder, "As an attorney and business jet owner/pilot, aviation doesn't allow for serious mistakes, but everyone is 'capable' of making mistakes. I know, I make many mistakes in life but not when I fly. I know all about aviation risk, reward, and the corresponding trade-offs. Fortunately because of this valuable information in this whitepaper and in Afuzion's Do-178C training, you don't have to make Do-178C mistakes and you can learn DO-178C's best practices. While I don't understand the intricacies as well as Mr. Hilderman, I advise everyone involved in avionics software development to read this free Do-178C whitepaper - after all there are not many free DO-178C information sources, but this Afuzion whitepaper is."

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