Gift Share Love Offers Men A Surefire Way To Give The Precise Gift The Ladies In Their Life Want This Holiday Season

December 19, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
NATIONWIDE, December 19, 2014-The holiday season brings with it the need, or at least the expectation, to purchase gifts for all the women in a gentlemen's life. This could be everyone from his wife, mother, sister, daughter or colleagues. While the saying "it's the thought that counts" points to well-intended efforts-many men agonize over what to buy the special ladies in their life. Gift Share Love, a free website and iOS app helps solve this challenge for men.

Most men want to get it just right-but too often end up buying a gift that finds its way back to the store, or ends up in the re-gifting cabinet. They may choose a sweater in the right color but the wrong size, or blouse in right size but the wrong style. Or even worse, a scent that she's allergic to.

Sincere mistakes like these result in large numbers of time-consuming returns and exchanges. It is for this precise reason that Gift Share Love was launched. GSL is an iOS app and website designed to allow users to create lists with the links to the exact items they like. Users create "faves lists" by clipping things they want from any store or website, or by using the built-in barcode scanner on the free app.

"Our kids tell us exactly what they'd like, sharing their own holiday wish lists, so why shouldn't adults do the same?" said Marcela Smith, founder of Gift Share Love, the modern day, electronic, holiday wish list.

What sets Gift Share Love apart from other wish list sites are its privacy settings. "Privacy and ease of use were the two most important features when I created GSL. My friends and I are always concerned about who sees what we do online so I wanted to be ensure that users wouldn't' be searchable and that each user would have complete control over their data."

"Calling your lists "faves lists" instead of wish lists also helps take away the stigma of asking for a gift. You're never really asking for a gift, just sharing what you love."

After adding a few items to their faves lists, such as body lotions, clothing, beauty products or yoga equipment, users invite people they choose to be their "buddies", allowing then to see each other's lists. Each Fave contains a shop-able link, image, and notes they add such as size or colors they like.

The profile section allows for even more customization. Users can feel free to add their shipping address, allergies and birthdate -with complete confidence that only their invited buddies have access. And if they want to have a list that's completely private from even their invited buddies, they can passcode protect individual lists.

Ease of use was also important to Smith. "I designed the user interface to be as simple for grandma as it is for the school kids. The website is straightforward and very simple to use."

While some women have tried to create a similar holiday wish list on social media sites such as Pinterest, the lists are made public. Not everyone may be comfortable sharing lingerie or other products they desire with everyone one they know, and certainly not those they don't.

Since faves lists are completely customizable, users can create a list for favorite charities to encourage a donation be made in lieu of a gift.

"Ladies have to remember that men aren't mind readers. By creating a Faves List, and updating it all year-round-you can ensure the men in your life know exactly what you like. The best part is-they don't even have to ask!"

Gift Share Love is available as an free iOS app, and on their easy to use website

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