Keep Your Drains Clog Free with Mister Sewer's Cleaning Tips

December 24, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 24, 2014 - When your drains are about to clog, the red flags are all around us. Water in the sink takes longer to drain, pools build up around your feet as you shower, or an odd odor makes its way throughout the house. Don't wait until your clogged drains become a major problem, and get started preventing them with help from Mister Sewer's newest slideshow, "Simple DIY Tips to Clean the Crud Out of a Clogged Drain."

While some people think that drain clogs are unpreventable, that is not at all the case. There are actually several ways you can help clean the crud that is clogging your drain. In their new slideshow, the Pittsburgh drain experts at Mister Sewer offer their simplest solutions to prevent blocked drain pipes in your home.

Throughout the home, you are likely to find several items and tools that can be used to help clean out your clogged drains.

To repair a clog in the kitchen sink, one of the simplest tools you can use is a wire coat hanger. After straightening out the hanger, use the hook to carefully pull out the source of blockage in your drain. After you have cleared most of the drain way, you can flush out any remaining dirt and buildup with hot water.

Some additional at-home remedies to clean out your drain are baking soda, vinegar, boiling water, sodium hydroxide, and salt. Dish detergent can also be used to help clear up any toilet drain clogs. Using these items and some standard household tools can help clear out your drain and prevent any serious buildup of dirt and grime.

For tougher, more resistant drain clogs, some additional tools may be needed. A wet/dry vac can be used to help clean your drain of any dirt buildups that may be stuck in your drain. In some cases, calling in a professional with a drain cleaning snake may be the best option for your drains.

If you ever find yourself battling some drain cleans throughout your home, check out Mister Sewer's DIY solutions to a clog-free drain by checking out the slideshow at

Clogged drains can often lead to bigger, more serious drain issues. Make sure the drains in your home are running smoothly with help from the drain cleaning professionals at Mister Sewer. The team of Pittsburgh plumbers at Mister Sewer utilize some of the most state-of-the-art technology to help diagnose and repair your home's drains. For more information on how Mister Sewer can help you, please visit

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