Foam Factory Expands Its Shredded Foam Line

December 30, 2014 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
December 30, 2014 - Macomb, MI A prominent distributor of high-quality foam products, The Foam Factory is proud to announce it has recently expanded its line of shredded materials. The company has introduced several new foam products and styles for purchase, including shredded Dryfast foam, pyramid shredded foam, and shredded charcoal foam. These new offerings represent an ever-increasing selection of foam types, plus new sizing options as well, giving customers more options than ever.

The Foam Factory's shredded Dryfast foam is made from an extremely porous material, engineered to allow water and air to pass through easily, making it non-absorbent and quick-drying. Ideal for patio/outdoor use, as well as DIY projects like throw pillows and bean-bag chairs, it is formulated with antimicrobial compounds that help it resist irritants traditional foam materials are susceptible to when saturated and not allowed to dry.

The pyramid shredded foam is a result of the manufacturing process for The Foam Factory's fire-retardant acoustical tiles and panels. This product may vary in color and size, though the pyramid pieces are all larger than pieces of traditional shredded foam. Finally, The Foam Factory is now making available more sizing options for its popular shredded charcoal foam products-perfect for packaging delicate items.

Shredded Dryfast foam is available through the company both online and in-store, while pyramid shredded foam is offered in-store only. The new, large-sized shredded charcoal foam bags are available in-store only, though the regular-sized versions can be purchased through both channels.

These new inclusions join the wide array of foam products already listed in the company's extensive catalog. In addition to the aforementioned shredded foam, The Foam Factory provides a number of materials intended for use in mattresses, cushions, seats, pillows, packaging, pet beds, and more. More than just a distributor, the company fabricates its foam products at its own facility in Southeast Michigan.

For further information about the Foam Factory's line of products, visit the company's official website at or call (586) 627-3626.

About The Foam Factory
Over the last 30 years, The Foam Factory has grown from a tiny, family-owned business, to a major player in its industry. Specializing in the fabrication and distribution of foam, sponge, rubber, and upholstery products, the company serves private individuals as well as businesses of all sizes. The Foam Factory is located in Macomb, Michigan.

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